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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A New Post? Eh...


*chirp, chirp*

So I guess that last post never took off, eh? Well a few things have happened since then that's worthy of sharing. Here goes!

I turned THIRTY! I'm old. It's official.

Celebrating 30th
on my 30th birthday... *cringe*

Both of my kids are in school (sort of). I have a whole 7.5 hours to myself during the week (broken up into three mornings for about 2.5 hours each time). What am I going to do with all of my free time? Oh yeah... clean, run errands, meal prep, laundry, and so much more. No worries. Sometimes I just sit at the laptop and do absolutely nothing productive. Go me!

I look amazing, right? Haha. Laziness is the best.

I finally scheduled appointments to visit medical professionals to check up on my health. It's an incredible feat because I have the biggest fear of doctors. This is what happens when you grow up without health insurance. The appointments were pretty boring, and I'm healthy. I was kind of hoping for some big news or health scare to punish me for putting this off for so many years. Well all of this was strangely satisfying. Now I can move forward and do this on an annual basis instead of being scared of doctors.

My kids still drive me bonkers. That's normal, right? E is 5 years old, in Kindergarten, and totally Pokemon obsessed. O is 3 years old, started preschool, and still crazy about construction vehicles. They test my patience on a daily basis, but they are shaping up to be cute little humans who have so much personality. As a parent, I'm constantly learning and adapting. Now E and O, if you could just ditch the tantrums, I think we can all stay sane. Thanks.

Oliver's 1st Day of School
E + O ready to go to school. *tear* They're growing up.

I'm currently listening to the soundtrack of La La Land. It's strangely therapeutic. Oh and when did theaters start installing reclining seats and assigning seats? It's amazing!

So my thoughts are all over the place. Sounds about right. 

Will I start blogging again? Don't count on it. I'll be lucky if I can update once a year. Sheesh. I'm getting old and not cool enough to blog. I miss the old days of Xanga and Live Journal. Blogs are so commercial now. Boo.

Did you enjoy my quick comeback? Maybe I'll entertain you guys with another post in the future. Miss blogging and miss connecting with all 2 of you who read this blog. Haha. 


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