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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Post Where I Tell Everyone I'm Back...

I have been blogging on and off since I was a senior in high school (13 years... eeks!). Times sure have changed, and I don't know exactly where I fit in anymore in this blog world anymore. Simple journals of our lives shared with others have turned into a money making business of sorts. It's hard not to stumble upon advertisements after advertisements before you can even get to the main content. Can you even trust a review anymore? It feels more like a business than a hobby. When did personal blogging turn into work? You have to participate on every level of social media, and you have to constantly be "on" to interact with others. 

I have always blogged for myself. It's a way to express my ideas, vent to the (online) world, and document a few adventures along the way. Every time I take a break, I yearn to come back. There is a reason why I haven't given it up completely. I need an outlet for my thoughts. I need an outlet for any creativity that I have, which isn't much. I want to document and share my family life. 

Then I step back and think how lame my blog can be. Everyone has picture perfect lives in blog world. Everything is edited in just the right way, and nothing could possibly be wrong. The good parts shine through, while the ugly is filtered out. I don't pretend my life is great. My photos are nice, but I also don't have time to take pictures of my OOTD or style a photo perfectly for a post. Even those who post about the ugly do so in a way that still makes me feel like crap*. I have given up on Instagram lately because I can't keep up with the Jones' of the IG world.

So there's this pressure to update and keep up with the times. Journalistic blogging doesn't work anymore. It's about the Pinterest worthy posts that put you above and beyond the rest. Can I really keep up? Should I? No, of course not. Stay true to myself and my voice. Just shake off those bad feelings and be the original me. 

My name is Yin, and I approve this blog. Enjoy!

Imagine this is what I look like right now while blogging instead of looking like a zombie in pajamas.

.... and I'm back! 

Oh and I totally pushed aside my need to finish up the dishes just to write this post. Who needs clean dishes when you need to start blogging again? Go me!

Side Note: Don't worry. I know it's an issue I have where I compare myself to others constantly. I'm working on overcoming that and seeing the brighter side of things. One baby step at a time.