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Friday, October 16, 2015

Not a Child, Not Fully an Adult

I often find myself feeling stuck in this in between stage of being a child and an adult. Once you get married and start a family, there is no going back to being a child anymore. Responsibilities triple, and at times we struggle to figure out how to be responsible adults. Do I like being an adult? Sometimes, but most of the time I want to be carefree and have time to myself. I want to be selfish and only think about myself. (It doesn't happen. Family always comes first.)

oh to be young again...

Then reality hits, and it's not possible to go back. It's only possible to move forwards. While responsibilities suck, I have to make the best out of it. Some days I just try to get through the day so that I can reset for the next day. I'm on a team after all, and I'm not in this alone. 

There are times when I'm running an errand, and I stop to think about how I got here. I look around and see young adults with a small basket at the grocery store. I look at my own cart, filling to the brim with food to feed my family for the week. I look like them (in my mind), but I have a set of responsibilities that differ from them. It feels like I'm a child trapped inside the body of an adult.

Shopping with Kids Shopping with Kids


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