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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Name is Yin. I'm an Allergy Mom.

Hi. My name is Yin, and I'm an allergy mom. I have two kids who both have food allergies, and life can be a little complicated for us. We face challenges on a daily basis, and we work together to keep the kids safe. I have started about a dozen posts about food allergies, and it doesn't get very far. I hesitate to write about the subject because I don't feel informed enough to write about it. Yes, I experience it everyday with my kids, but my knowledge and background isn't great. There are times when I avoid researching and consulting Doctor Google because of the fear of what I will find out. I'll attempt to jot down a few thoughts and see where it goes.

As an introduction, let me tell you specifically about their food allergies. E is 4.5 years old, and he is allergic to dairy, eggs, and peanuts. He is currently outgrowing his dairy and egg allergy and able to tolerate them in heated form (baked at 350 for 25 minutes). He passed his latest egg challenge, but he is still allergic and only able to eat a few bites before informing us that his tummy hurts or that his mouth itches. E has anaphylaxis with ingestion of peanuts, and we have used an Epi-Pen twice and landed in the hospital due to cross contamination.

Hospital Visits for Allergic Reactions

E's favorite foods are pizza, ramen, and sushi. He loves vegan products (yay to no eggs and dairy!) and so do we. He might be a small kid but eats constantly. E loves going out to restaurants to eat, but our choices are limited. 

Elliot Eats

O is 2 years old, and he is allergic to (wait for it...) dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, most seeds, salmon, anchovy (possibly all fish), and fava beans. The list continues to grow, and his reactions are different from his older brother. For a child with so many food allergies, his eczema is under control. He looks and acts like a normal child, but we have to be very careful with his foods. We're still learning about his food allergies, and I'm hoping that he outgrows a few of them.

Oliver Eats

O's favorite food are chicken, avocado, zucchini, and fruits. He loves to drink sparkling water with daddy. He has to wake up to a bowl of cereal (naps included) or else he gets really cranky. O loves going to restaurants but dislikes not being able to eat anything.

H and I have learned a lot in the past 4 years about food allergies, and how it affects our lives. Every decision we make has to work with our children's health in mind. A simple task for most is usually not easy for us. We are thankful for modern medicine, doctors, and access to safe foods.

Do you know anyone with food allergies? If so, please me mindful and understanding. My kids would really appreciate that too. :)


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