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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Harvest Moon Festival 2015

Now that I was able to post about last year's experience, I can move forward and record this year's Harvest Moon Festival. Yay! This year the festival was cut short of a day due to a tropical storm that was passing by in the area. The crowds were lighter than usual since the weather wasn't the best. It was cold and damp with no sun to be seen. Despite all of that, we had a great time like usual. The kids loved spending time with their cousins and were able to participate in more of the activities this year.

Take a look!

Harvest Moon Festival Harvest Moon Festival 2015 Harvest Moon Festival Harvest Moon Festival 2015

There are many arts and crafts available for kids, and usually E does not participate. In the last year he has improved in a lot of ways and more willing to do arts and crafts (even in school!). O just jumped right in with no hesitation. He loved being like a big kid and making neat arts and crafts.

Harvest Moon Festival 2015

The tractor is always a big hit with my kids, and it was an even bigger hit this year for O. He loves all things cars and trucks. Tractors are right up his alley. He was in awe and kept pointing as the tractor came closer. He enjoyed every minute of our ride around the farm. O was in tractor heaven and continued to talk about it for the next couple of days.

Harvest Moon Festival Harvest Moon Festival

We even made our very own scarecrow! It was a first for all of us, and I think it turned out pretty well. E even drew in the scarecrow's face, and it looks pretty spiffy. He now sits by our front door and possibly spooks me a few times a day when I look out the window to check for mail and packages. The kids have a game of pointing to the scarecrow and screaming "ahhhhh." 

Harvest Moon Festival 2015
Harvest Moon Festival Harvest Moon Festival Harvest Moon Festival

Another year, another Harvest Moon Festival. Love seeing how much changes every year. It always marks the start of fall for me, and the kids really love all of the pumpkin festivities this year.


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