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Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween 2013

Original post written 2 years ago... haha, that's a heck of a long time. I love Halloween so you get to enjoy this oldie.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love it! The costumes! The candy! The pumpkin carving! It's a holiday for the kids, and I'm a kid at heart. The holiday is even more fun and exciting with a toddler who is just started to appreciate and enjoy Halloween. 

About two months ago I was digging through E's old costumes, hoping H would let me get rid of them. No luck on that part, but it was fun to revisit the costumes from the past two years. For kicks, we had E model them for us. Yes, we could squeeze him into his first costume that he wore as a 6 month old. In the process of trying a costume off, taking it off, and trying on the next one, E was ready for his final costume change -- a giraffe. Back up... We don't have a giraffe costume. Where did he get that from? Hmm...

Gentle giraffe. I bought one for O and E had taken a liking to it. He wanted to be a gentle giraffe! Whenever we asked what he wanted to be for Halloween this year, he always responded with a giraffe. This is his first year expressing an interest in choosing his costume. 

Although I knew he wanted to be a giraffe, I buy E's costumes at Costco every year. In previous years he was a dragon and a lion. This year I bought a blue monster and an elephant for him to choose from (limited pickings for boys these days). He said no to the two choices and responded back that he wanted to be a giraffe this year. Oh toddlers. Once they have an idea in their mind, you can't convince them otherwise. A giraffe it is! 

Halloween Parade

We checked out the Halloween Parade on Main Street to begin our Halloween celebration. It's a fun tradition that I grew up with as a child, and it's even better experiencing it with my own family. There were classic cars on display, high school and college bands marching down the street, dance groups dancing in unison, politicians on floats, and emergency vehicles for all to see. Some groups threw out candy to the crowds, which is a hit among the kids. After the parade ends, it's time for the kids to hit up the stores along Main Street for a little trick or treating fun. We didn't participate this time, but I think it might for fun for E next year.

Halloween Parade Halloween Parade Halloween Parade

I present to you Little E, my little giraffe! As a 2.5 year old Halloween is pretty awesome and enjoyable. The year before we went trick-or-treating on our block, and this year we continued to do the same. It's always fun to see E's reaction to the door opening and taking a piece of candy from a huge bowl. Even though he can't eat most of the candy due to his food allergies, he still had a lot of fun. He was amazed that we could ring our neighbor's doorbell and that they came out with candy treats. :) After hitting up the houses down our street, E was ready to come back and check out his goodies.

Halloween 2013 2013 Pumpkins

Even though most of his candy was not allergy friendly, we did find two items that he could eat -- pretzels and Swedish fish! The pretzels were a hit, and E had a great Halloween. I love seeing how he grows to appreciate these little holidays. Every year he enjoys them more and more.


Since trick-or-treating on Halloween involves staying up past bedtime, we had to end the night early. I continued to give out candy, while E got ready for bed. Another year of Halloween fun down in the books. After writing this post, I'm even more excited for Halloween this year with both kids!


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