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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Back to Blogging and O's Monthly Photo Project

Jumping back into blogging for the few followers who may or may not see these posts. Growing our family from three to four has been challenging, and I continue to sort and figure out how to balance everything. Blogging is the last thing I have time for these days, and that would explain the very long absence. Now that E has started full day pre-k, I have a small break during the day when O takes a nap. Maybe I can fit in some blogging time? At the very least I want to recap and archive a few family trips in the past year.

For now you can see the first year of O's life documented with E in monthly photos. Enjoy!

Oliver & Elliot - Month 1 
Oliver & Elliot - Month 2
 Oliver & Elliot - Month 3 
Oliver & Elliot - Month 4 
Oliver & Elliot - Month 5 
Oliver & Elliot - Month 6 
Oliver & Elliot - Month 7 
Oliver & Elliot - Month 8 
Oliver & Elliot - Month 9 
Oliver & Elliot - Month 10 
Oliver & Elliot - Month 11 
Oliver & Elliot - Month 12

Photos were taken in O's room on his carpet. The ugly monster doll was used a size comparison, and I tried to keep the photos consistent with a long sleeve white onesie. I stood on a stool with my Nikon in hand. I find it odd that I take on these photo projects on my own without H's assistance, even though he is the real photographer in the family. My gear is outdated (4.5 years old), but it still produces decent images. Trying to get two kids to stay still was a challenge. Lots of bribery was used. ;) Initially I started these photos just to document O, but they turned into a project with both E & O. I'm glad it worked out that way because I love seeing them grow together. 


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