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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Baby O's Birth Story - Part II

I had just woken up at 3:20 AM with a painful contraction. 5 minutes later, and I had another. This pattern wasn't new to me. For the past few weeks I had been experiencing contractions that would wake me up in the middle of the night. I would even pull up my app to record them on my phone, but they were all false alarms in the past. I assumed the same this time, but on the side of caution, I made sure to inform H. While I was pretty calm, he was eager to time the contractions and get ready for the hospital. I didn't think much of it and kept recording my contractions. H took a shower while I started to get ready just in case.

On the side of caution, I called my sister who was on call just in case I were to go into labor. Surprisingly, she answered the call at 4 AM and arrived shortly after.

E woke up in the midst of our early morning. He wanted to join us in bed and was very confused when he climbed in bed, and we didn't sleep next to him. We had to explain that we were headed to the hospital and that his baby brother might arrive today. That bit of news is a lot to take in for a 2.5 year old at 4 AM. He started to cry, and my heart broke for him. It took a while before he could calm down, and he was still very much confused by everything that was unraveling in front of him. 

By the time H finished his shower, I told him I experienced a few contractions. That meant that all of my contractions were 5 minutes or less apart. Eeks! Was I concerned? No. I still thought I had plenty of time. I actually thought it was silly to even head to the hospital this early. I labored at home for so long with E and just assumed I would do the same this time around. I was wrong. 

I'm glad that H rushed me out of the house because I was taking my time. I would walk around the house trying to make sure every detail was covered. I handled each contraction with relative ease, even though it was quite painful. I was very calm. 

My contractions continued to be 5 minutes or less apart. While I could handle the pain, it was getting more difficult to breathe through them. In the car, I remember wondering if it was too early to go in. What if they tell us I'm not far enough along? What are we going to do on a very early Sunday morning while I'm in early labor? By the time we arrived at the hospital, I was ready to be admitted. 

I remember being very calm. The process of being admitted was quite different this time around. While being examined, there was a sense of urgency with the staff. My contractions were now stronger and felt a bit closer. I stopped recording at this point. Prior to the cervical check, I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted the epidural. I knew I had to decide soon because it would take about an hour to wait for it to be administered. I had always wanted a natural birth, but was it worth it if I was in unbearable pain? Hung convinced me that it was best for me to go ahead with the epidural, and my body was very thankful for that decision. 

The nurse checked me, and I was 8 cm dilated. Wow. This was a little over two hours after the start of my first real labor contraction. How is that even possible? I was alarmed and kind of excited that I would be meeting O very soon. Since I tested positive for strep, the nurses were in a rush to administer the penicillin and get an IV in me.


So I wasn't in early labor anymore. I was in active labor, and I just wasn't prepared for what would happen in the next two hours...

Stay tuned for part III.


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