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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Baby O's Birth Story - Part I

Written almost 2 years ago, I have no idea why it was never published. I even added photos in my post! I must have been delirious from lack of sleep and nonstop nursing sessions. It would be a shame to leave it in my draft folder forever. I enjoy reading birth stories online, and I hope you get a little insight from reading mine. Pregnancy and birth was a breeze the second time around, and it almost makes me want another. Key word - almost. I'm two and through. Please don't ask me when the third one is coming and that I need to have a third to fulfill some need for a baby girl (like I can decide on sex). I am very happy with two. Actually I'm overwhelmed with two. If you want to take turns babysitting my kids, please contact me and give me a much needed break. Thanks. ;)

Philly Day Date

Better late than never. O is 7 weeks old, and I'm starting his birth story. I never wrote about E's story, but I might get around to jotting it down one day. (yeah right...) Enjoy!

Towards the end of my pregnancy I started to have contractions but nothing consistent. Each time I had a contraction, I was uneasy, not knowing whether or not I would be going into labor soon. A few times they came quickly enough that I had to time them just in case. I had also experienced Braxton Hicks contractions since my second trimester. With E I never felt the Braxton Hicks and only felt contractions on the day I went into labor. This was all very new to me, and I was uncertain what it all meant. Was my body slowly getting ready for the big day, which would then lead me to a fast labor? Probably.

Negi's Profile - Week 35

At 36 weeks I was scared of going into labor early. Maternal fetal was constantly on my case and causing me to stress out over my pregnancy. I was reminded weekly about my lower than average sized baby, and I had mental images of Baby O having complications and being taken away to NICU. A fellow November mom who was only a day ahead of me went into labor at 36 weeks, and I thought I could be in the same boat. All of the factors above made me very reluctant to take a day trip to NYC. Going into labor early is already bad enough, but I was scared of having to give birth in unfamiliar territory and not be able to come back home. Luckily I made it past 36 weeks. Reaching 37 felt like a huge sense of relief. Then the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine released a new definition of full term pregnancy, which changed it from 37 weeks to 39 weeks. Now I was determined to make it to 39 weeks just to please my doctors.

Waiting for the Subway 10334752186_20e24d6231_o

Keep in mind I had to go to the doctor's office three times a week (once at my regular OB and twice at maternal fetal for ultrasounds). I was constantly being asked when my induction date was scheduled. I understand that is normal procedure for high risk patients, but I was tired of being treated like a serious high risk patient. I had controlled my glucose scores since week 18, and every ultrasound showed a healthy Baby O (with the exception of one which gave us a scare with a possible VSD). My OB was also on board with induction, and I had to convince her to let me reach 40 weeks given that all of my ultrasounds showed a healthy baby.

Urban Outfitters

At 38 weeks + 5 days I saw another OB in the practice for a cervical check to see how much progress I had made. I don't particularly like this doctor due to her poor bedside manners. I don't remember her actually telling me how dilated I was, but I did tell her that I wanted to wait to see if I could go into labor on my own. She wasn't happy and had to confirm with my doctor that it would be okay for me to wait. Bleh. Another doctor who wanted me to be induced. Sigh. After my checkup, I felt very ready to have this baby. I would be 39 weeks in just a few days, and I was happy to get this far.

Last time with E I went into labor a few days after my cervical check, and I had a feeling that pattern might repeat itself. I was confident that I could go into labor on my own and very soon. On Friday I decided to eat at Seorabol for my possibly last date night for a long time. This is the same restaurant that we went to on the Friday before I went into labor with E. It was a pretty relaxing evening, and the food was delicious!

Date Night: Seorabol 
Date Night: Seorabol

On Saturday we decided to keep it low key, spending the the day at home. H and I both entered our nesting phase, and we were busy cleaning up the house and playing with E. With such a busy schedule lately, it was rare to have a day to ourselves as a family relaxing at home.

Untitled Saturday at Home

I went to bed that night not knowing what would happen only a few hours later. Around 3:20 AM I was awaken by some painful contractions. The next one came 5 minutes later. I went to the bathroom and decided that maybe I should tell H just in case. I wasn't sure if I was in labor. I certainly didn't know that I would have Baby O in my arms only a few hours later...

To be continued... 


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