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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Baby O: Week 1 - Week 12

Okay I'm cheating and publishing all of my draft posts that never saw the day of Internet light. I figure this gives me some time to get back in the groove and makes going back to blogging an easier adjustment. Feel free to ignore this very outdated post or just imagine how awesome my posts would have been if I continued with these quarterly updates. 

12 weeks passes by pretty quickly with an infant, and I'm very late on updates. One of my regrets with E was how quickly I gave up on taking his weekly photos. (I ended up taking weekly photos until the very end. I gave up around week 48 but continued with monthly photos.) The few that I did capture were great, but the stress of putting together a photo shoot by myself was overwhelming. This time around I made sure to make it a simple task -- one Instax photo a week, just like my weekly pregnancy photos. One thing led to another, and I started to capture his photos in digital form as well. Patterns formed, and I'm happy with the results. 

Oliver - Week 1

Life with a newborn is so different the second time around. I knew what to expect, and I didn't stress out over the small details like before. Sleepless nights were welcomed. Lots of baby cuddles were a given of course. H and I managed to raise and keep one child alive. Knowing that much gave us the confidence that we could do this again.

Oliver - Week 2 

The first couple of weeks were tough. Not only were we taking care of a newborn, but we had a thriving toddler who needed our love and attention too. After a week I was on my own with two kids to take care of, and that is no easy task. Add in postpartum hormones, and it could have been a recipe for disaster. Luckily my recovery was easier than anticipated, and baby blues didn't hit as hard. I had to take it one day at a time, and I may have cried a few times (okay a lot of times).

Oliver - Week 3

The best method of caring for two kids is to divide and conquer on evenings, weekends, and in the middle of the night. I'm responsible for the baby, and H is responsible for the toddler. We still had a toddler who required us to sleep in his room and often woke up in the middle of the night to bring one of his back in with him. O was eating every 2 hours around the clock. We were very tired parents.

Oliver - Week 4

As tired as we were, me managed to stay afloat. We tried to soak in every bit of our new family of four. E immediately look on the role of big brother, and he is so loving towards O. It makes my heart melt seeing the two of them together. I can already tell that they will be the best of friends. E looks forward to the day when O is old enough to be his play buddy. 

Oliver - Week 5

Breastfeeding has been a complete dream. Difficulty with my inability to breastfeed E and exclusively pumping for a year can be a bit discouraging. It still required work on both of our parts, but we made it through with no issues. O is gaining weight and growing at a great pace. I'll admit that breastfeeding is much easier than pumping and bottle feeding. I eventually stopped pumping altogether in January. 

Oliver - Week 6

Sleep has been on and off with O. At first he had his days and nights mixed up, which is common for newborns. We reached sleep regressions and wonder weeks that made our sleep schedule turn upside down at times. Swaddles were ditched after a few days, and he prefers to sleep in a simple sleep sack. In the early days he preferred his side. Pacifiers were used and quickly spat out. Later he found his thumb and sleep improved for a bit. Sleeping in a travel crib in our room was replaced with the transition into his crib. It was easier than I imagined, and he was able to sleep better and more peacefully in his own space.

Oliver - Week 7

H and I say this often - O is an amazing second child. He is patient and so easy going. If he was our first born, life would have been less hectic for us as first time parents. As a newborn, O's favorite activities consist of eating and sleeping. At first he disliked diaper and clothing changes, baths, lotion, and wiping his face. Being the patient child that he is, he quickly understood what was going on and no longer cried during those dreaded activities. He rarely complains and only cries when he is tired, hungry, or needs a diaper change.

Oliver - Week 8

With E we were afraid to leave the house. Pumping and bottle feeding made it very difficult to manage. It felt like we had to pack everything just to get out of the door. I also had to time it just right with my pumping schedule so that I wouldn't be stuck pumping immediately after leaving. So it would be even more dreadful leaving the house with two kids, right? Wrong. The most difficult part is still getting E out of the door. I usually have to pack his snacks and meals since it's not easy to buy food on the go for him. Packing O to go only involves bringing the Ergo and diaper bag. E will usually sit in the shopping cart or walk on his own, while I wear E in the Ergo. 

Oliver - Week 9

Around 2 months I found changes in O's diaper, which included mucus and loose stool with spots of blood at times. I concluded that he may be milk and soy protein intolerant (MSPI) and eliminated the two foods from my diet. Within a few days we saw improvements in his behavior, stools, and less spit up. Avoiding soy proved to be the most difficult since it's in every food product. Blood was still evident but only appeared every few days. I further eliminated gluten, egg, and peanuts. Still no luck. It took a long time, but I finally figured out that nuts were the culprit all along. Once eliminated, blood disappeared, and I started to worry less. Along with the food intolerance/allergies/sensitivities, O developed eczema. Despite all of his health issues, O proved to be quite the trooper. He rarely ever showed discomfort.

Oliver - Week 10

The first three months of O's life were pretty busy for us as a family. We celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years together with family and friends. O met a lot of new people, and he enjoyed being passed around. We were happy for the arrival of the new year so that we could slow down a bit. Sometimes a little quiet family time is just what we need to get through the busy weeks.

Oliver - Week 11

The first three months passed by very quickly, and I already miss the newborn phase. O is our second and last, and I am trying my best to cherish these moments. While it's not easy juggling two kids, I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world. E and O make our family complete.

Oliver - Week 12


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