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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Baby O's Birth Story - Part III

After being officially admitted into the hospital, I was taken to the labor and delivery room. From what I remember everything happened very quickly. Too fast. The nurses were busy prepping my fluids. The anesthesiologist arrived in no time to start my epidural. I felt like I was receiving the five star treatment at the rate everyone was going.

My contractions were closer and even more painful at this point. I was so glad H convinced me to choose the epidural. Now I know that I would have only been in pain for another hour, and I could have possibly done without the epidural. My idea of a natural birth went out the window. Sanity was much more important at this point, and the epidural was much appreciated, even if I only needed it for a short time. 

Less than half an hour later I felt pressure down there and the need to push. Eeks! Good thing the doctor in the labor and delivery ward was there to assist. Yes, this is my second delivery where no one from my actual OB practice was present. The doctor was warm and friendly. She guided me through the final stage and was really supportive. Actual time spent pushing is up in the air since neither one of us checked the clock. Compared to my last labor, O pretty much slid right out.

At 7:08 AM, Baby O made his appearance. :) O weighed 6 lbs and measured in at 19 inches long. He was placed immediately on my chest, and we had some bonding time before he had to be assessed. We even attempted to breastfeed with great success. He was still sleepy from labor but would suck every couple of seconds.

Baby Oliver

His blood sugar was good (which was a concern due to my gestational diabetes), he had no sign of a heart murmur (good sign of VSD going away), and appeared to be very healthy. I'm thankful that his low birth weight was not a concern like the doctors had made it out to be while I was pregnant. We made ourselves at home in the labor and delivery room for a few hours before the hospital had a room ready for us. It was nice to enjoy our quiet time together before visitors arrived.

Baby Oliver  Baby Oliver

Giving birth on a Sunday meant a lot of visitors for us. We were showered with love. It also meant very little time to rest. Luckily we got the hang of it and looked like experienced parents. Nurses came in regularly to check on me and O around the clock. H and I took turns sleeping, and we were still running off of adrenaline. Keep in mind that we woke up at 3 AM, had a baby, and entertained visitors all day. We were pooped. 

Visiting Oliver

The next day was a repeat of our day before, and we were so thankful for wonderful family and friends. While it's nice to be taken care of at the hospital, we were ready to go home. We missed E so much and could not wait to come home and figure out the challenges of being a family of four. By Tuesday morning we were given the okay to go home, and we were excited to bring O home.

Holding Oliver
Oliver Prepares to Go Home


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