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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Baby Negi - Weeks 36 - 39

Baby O has arrived, but I want to back track a bit to the final weeks of my pregnancy. I continued with my Instax weekly photos until the very end, and I'm really proud of myself (and H too) for completing the project. Even though I started late, I was still able to squeeze in a photo every week from week 23 until Baby O's arrival on week 39. Hoping to continue this project with weekly photos of O!

Baby Bump - Week 36

The last 4 weeks of my pregnancy felt like a waiting game for the most part. Would the baby arrive today? Tomorrow? Next week? What would be the game plan if I went into labor? I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions since the second trimester, and I started to feel real contractions. There was never a real pattern to them, but it would catch me by surprise. Some days I had contractions one after another for half an hour. Other days it would be two contractions in a row and nothing else for the rest of the day. With my pregnancy with E I never felt the BH contractions, and I didn't have actual contractions until the day I went into labor. Knowing this I wasn't sure what to expect. I figured this would be a good time to start planning for the baby's arrival. I started freezing extra servings of leftovers for E, and we stocked up on food for the freezer and pantry. I drafted a plan if I were to go into labor during the weekday, and my sisters were all on call. 


For being a very pregnant woman in her last final weeks, I felt abnormally fine. I wasn't tired of being pregnant, and I very much wanted O to remain inside the womb for a few more weeks. Sleep was great, and my frequent trips to the bathroom didn't interrupt my ability to fall back asleep. I still enjoyed my mid-afternoon naps to get through the day. Like most of my pregnancy, I felt and acted like I wasn't pregnant at all. 

I was still able to control my gestational diabetes with diet, but I was getting tired of my frequent visits to maternal fetal. Going in twice a week wasn't my idea of a great time, and I found myself dreading each appointment. Every time baby turned out to be doing well. He was growing and active, and my levels of fluid were great. I still wasn't convinced that it was necessary for me to be so heavily monitored. I may have fallen asleep a few more times during my ultrasounds. Knowing that the end was near, I was very much looking forward to eating normally again. Oddly enough now that I have the ability to eat freely, I still try to limit carbs out of habit. At my last weigh in, I was 124 lbs. I gained a whopping 12 lbs during my pregnancy. Woot! P.S. I'm already under pre-pregnancy weight. Don't worry though. I still have a pooch.

Baby Bump - Week 38

Knowing that we wouldn't be a family of three much longer, we tried to fit in as many activities as possible for E. It was crazy hectic at times but very much worth it. Our weekends were packed, and we were dead tired by the end of each day. In addition to having family time, H and I made sure to have as many date nights as possible until the very end. It's important that we can have this quality one on one time together before our lives get flipped upside down again. 


Once I reached week 39, I felt ready for O to arrive. Being the good and cooperative baby that he has been throughout my pregnancy, he decided to make his arrival on week 39 + 1 day. He was nice enough to let H and I have our last date night on Friday and allowed us to have a relaxing Saturday at home with E. Now we are a family of 4, and we are adjusting well. It's of course full of challenges, but we are surviving and making the best out of it. Stay tuned for Baby O's birth story and his first month update (yes, he is already a month old!).

Overview of my bump project just for fun ;)

Weekly Bump
Weekly Bump