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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Photo Booth Fun - Urban Outfitters

I love photo booths, and I have quite the collection of photo booth strips from over the years. H is picky and not a fan of the digital age ones. He prefers old school processed film. I prefer it as well, but it's difficult to find. Because of that, we usually stick with our annual photo booth picture from the beach.

Over the weekend we came across a photo booth inside Urban Outfitters that advertised old school photo booth pictures. E was more than happy to climb inside, and we noticed that everything looked very up to date and most likely not the old school version we were seeking. We already swiped our credit card card and had to follow through with the instructions.

This is how it went...


Yes, there is a video of our photo booth session! Amazing! This is the first time E has interacted with us in the photo booth, and it's so awesome to see the play by play of each frame. Love how he stuck out his tongue in the second frame but put it back in right as the picture took. Ignore how crazy I look. I'm one of those parents...

About a minute later, our photo came out:

Photo Booth - Urban Outfitters

We received 3 copies! Plus the photo and video is available online, and it was only $3. Score! E has a copy in his room, and we have the main copy on our fridge along with the rest of our collection. I cannot wait to continue this photo booth tradition with Negi. Now I wonder how the four of us will fit into a photo booth...


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