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Thursday, October 24, 2013

OCMD 2013

Continuing with tradition, we made our annual trip down to Ocean City, MD! H and I have been going down to the beach every summer since we first started dating 8 years ago (only missing out on the 2nd year). After E was born, H's co-worker bought a condo right on the boardwalk and has kindly let us use the condo every year. Our ideal time to go with a toddler is September when the summer season is coming to an end, and the weather isn't too hot. The convenience of a condo on the boardwalk is amazing, and it's probably the only way we can manage such a trip as a family, especially when E was just a baby. 

Being the crazy parents that we are, we decided to head down to the beach the day after we went to Strasburg Railroad for Day Out with Thomas. Time was limited, and this was the only weekend that was available. We decided to take it easy and not be in a rush since we had Sunday to enjoy the beach as well. E took a quick nap in the car, and we made a pit stop to the toy store for E. Looking at Thomas toys never gets old for him. :)

I was getting hungry, and Chipotle was conveniently nearby. E enjoyed his dumplings, and I enjoyed my salad. Yum! 

Lunch at Chipotle
{eating lunch}

Since we were taking our time, I wanted to stop by the outlets on our way down to the beach. We took potty breaks and tried to look for some good deals. I found a purse at the Kate Spade Outlet, and the boys found clothes at J.Crew. Yay for good finds! Before we knew it, we had to make our way to Ocean City. It was getting late, and I wanted to arrive in time for dinner. 

Upon arrival, we decided to go straight to the beach to enjoy some sand playing fun. Last year E wasn't a fan of the beach and actually disliked most aspects. After reading and watching about the beach, E was convinced that it would be the most fun he ever had outside. We took him to Rehoboth earlier in the summer, and he spent hours playing in the sand, going back and forth to get water and build some more. After two summers of not being a beach fan, I was surprised by how much fun he had with a few beach toys, a shovel, and a bucket. Getting him on the beach was easy. The hardest part was convincing him to leave. I'm glad that his language development has allowed him to fully understand us. We promised E that we would be staying at the beach in the condo and would return the next day for more sand playing fun. 

Playing in the Sand OCMD 2013 Playing in the Sand

Sometimes I wonder how far back E's memory goes. Last summer we went to Ocean City twice. We usually travel at night and arrive very late. On our second trip back E immediately recognized where we were. At the time his speech was very limited (only knew a handful of words), but he clearly knew that we had returned back to the beach. It was fun to see his excitement. 

Lounging & Watching Daniel Tiger

In previous years, E slept either in the Pack 'n Play or Baby Bjorn Travel Crib. Since he has already transitioned to a toddler bed (and now big boy bed), we decided it would be best to co-sleep, much to E's delight. He slept well, and we slept the best that we could. Hehe. This is the view we woke up to the next morning...

Beach Balcony View

Just stepping outside on the patio, the sun was a tad too bright for me. The weather was nice overall. Not hot and not too cold. The sun provided additional warmth, but eventually the wind got the best of us. I decided not to go out for the first beach session in the morning. I had to recover from my sun exposure, and rest was just what this pregnant woman needed. 

Playing on the Beach Lifting Bucket of Sand Playing with Daddy

After taking a lunch break, E was ready to go back on the beach for more sand playing adventure. Being that it was mid-September, the beach was fairly empty. We had plenty of space to spread out and run around. E had a blast and enjoyed playing with H. It's so fun seeing the two of them interact with one another. I swear H is just a little boy trapped inside of a big body. Hehe.

Playing with Daddy Playing in the Sand with Daddy

Dan Clan

We were even able to sneak in a picture of the three of us. E wasn't thrilled that we interrupted his sand time for this photo. Most of our family beach photos look like this. Hehe.

Baby Bump - Week 33

Negi has been quite the traveler these days. I was never as adventurous when pregnant with E. Negi had a lot of sun and beach time in Maui back in June and again in August on our day trip to the beach. I wonder if he will be more adventurous and enjoy the beach at a younger age. Excuse my lack of clothing. It's hard to fit into a tankini or one piece bathing suit when 33 weeks pregnant. =/

After hours of playing in the sand, and E was starting to get tired. Or was I the tired one? With gusty winds starting to bother us, we decided to go back to the condo to rest for a bit. I attempted to get E to take a nap on the couch but didn't have much luck. He was starting to get cranky and needed some quiet time to take a mental break from so much activity. 

Our last trip of the day was visiting the boardwalk. Most shops were closed for the season, which was sad to see. We usually make it down after labor day weekend. What a difference a week or two makes! It was still fun to walk down the boardwalk, even if we usually pass by most of the stores. Our goal was to head to the arcade to get our annual photo booth photo taken. It's a tradition we started years again when we were just a cute couple in love. It's even more fun to be able to continue with our family.

Photo Booth 2013

After taking our photo booth picture, E was ready to head back to the beach and was quite disappointed when we told him his toys were packed up in the car. Next time we will make sure to plan our trip to accommodate E's obsession with the beach. Obviously a day of playing wasn't enough.

Back to the Condo

After a day of fun in the sun, we were ready to pack up and head back on the road. I remember our first trip as a family and how difficult it was at the time. I was exclusively pumping. E was drinking from the bottle every 2-3 hours. Every activity had to be short to work around his nap schedule. It's crazy how much has changed since then. I wonder how challenging our next trip will be with a toddler and a baby. While difficult, I'm sure we will have a blast.

Just for fun, here are a few photos from our past trips...

DSC_0348-2 DSC_0413-2 DSC_0403 
{OCMD 2011}

Ocean City MD - July 2012 Playing at the Store Nikon FE2 Pool  Time
{OCMD 2012}


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