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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Milburn Orchard - Fall 2013

I didn't realize how many places have become a tradition for us to visit in the past couple of years as a family. While I was pregnant with Little E, H and I started to go to our local orchard on Columbus Day. It's a holiday that H has off, and usually it's a low key day at the orchard, which is perfect for us. It puts us in the perfect fall mood and preps us for Halloween right around the corner. This year marks our fourth year, and each year our experience changes a bit to reflect our growing family.

It's hard for E to stay still, and in his usual fashion he was ready for lots of running, even before we left the house. He likes to be silly and run back and forth on the sidewalk. On days that we walk out to the field he likes to pretend that we're trains. He is usually Thomas, and I'm either Annie or Clarabel (Thomas' coaches). 

10468158415_3a4ac4ac6a_o Running Outside

This year we were welcomed by a huge crowd of families, which was surprising. Usually the orchard isn't too busy. Columbus Day isn't a common holiday for people to be off of work, and it's a Monday. I later concluded that many of the kids were on school field trips. The crowds made it more difficult to fully enjoy, but we tried to make the best out of it.

"How Tall This Fall?"

How tall this fall? Well it looks like E grew quite a bit since his very first visit. Hehe. While he wasn't enthusiastic about posing for photos, he is pretty good at standing back and letting us take a picture. Occasionally he will even say, "Cheese." If we're lucky, he'll even look at the camera. 

Surrounded by Pumpkins

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! While this orchard didn't have a pumpkin patch, they did have a lot of pumpkins to choose from. The first two years we purchased from them, but we have since decided to save our money and buy them from Trader Joe's. Charging by the pound can get really pricey. Buying two normal sized pumpkins and one mini one used to set us back $40+. Instead we spend $4 per pumpkin at Trader Joe's. We're considering going to an actual pumpkin patch next year just to experience it and see if there are any major differences. 

10541801505_5eef0d4e83_o 10541835214_062e68ee3f_o

Farm animals! Cows, chicken, smelly pigs, and goats were all on display, and E enjoyed looking at them but it didn't last long. His attention span was short, and he was immediately drawn to the open space around him. Can't blame him. He knows what he likes, and he just loves to use his legs and run.

10541832214_96b5730955_o 10541831744_200fcd6aee_o 10541794246_3af1cdef0f_o 10541794445_c7f49c7401_o

One big difference this year was the installation of tunnels in the big hill. I thought E would be afraid to go in the tunnel by himself since it's pretty long and very dark. He had a blast, and fear was the last thing on his mind. The tunnel made for some cool pictures as well. Some tunnels were narrow and others were big enough for adults to fit inside too. Very nice addition.

Corn Maze 10541784346_aa5b4eeecb_oMilburn Orchard

With E being 2.5 years old this year, he was able to fully participate and go through the corn maze. It was fun figuring out which direction to go, and he had a great time running around. Occasionally we would bump into people, but they usually walked around us as we took our time around the maze. We made it all the way around to the finish point!

Milburn Orchard

Yes, we're one of those parents who makes their kid pose in front of cut outs. Our excuse? Tradition! E has grown so much over the years, and I will still make him pose behind the cut outs when he is a teenager. Okay he probably won't come with us anymore, but I'm holding onto some hope that he never grows up. 

10541766405_e50314cf97_o train time 10541764415_cd734b39c6_o 10541807864_02d9aa7cab_o

Can you tell E loves trains? Hehe. With so many kids around, it was actually really difficult for him to get adjusted and comfortable. He doesn't really know how to interact with kids, especially older ones who generally push around to get their way. He patiently waits his turn, and usually that means his turn doesn't come. Poor E. He actually did make his way to the wheel only to have a big kid take over. The big kid did apologize, but the damage was done and E backed away. E and H returned later to find that the wooden train was completely unoccupied. E had the time of his life! H's strategy was to protect E and sit with him inside. 

Milburn Orchard 10541989113_7eedbb48c4_o 10541761165_1a157cb497_o

We spent a good amount of time inside the orchard, and E was getting tired. I was ready to continue our day and run a few errands. We stumbled upon this horse, and E thought it was so cool that there was a blanket on top of the horse. It's the little details that amuse him. Hehe.

Milburn Orchard

To make us appear like crazy parents, we conquered going into the big city the day before. Talk about a jam packed weekend. We were running on very little sleep and a lot of adrenaline, which wore down by the end of the day.

Now I can't wait to see how our experience will change with a toddler and a baby next year. I'm sure it will be even more enjoyable. 

P.S. Check out some of our photos from previous years!

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Oh it doesn't stop there. We had our engagement pictures taken at the orchard a few months before...

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