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Monday, October 28, 2013

Harvest Moon Festival

Can you tell we have had a busy month? A few weeks ago my sister invited us to the Harvest Moon Festival. The last time E went he was very small at 6 months old. 2 years makes a big difference, and he had a blast hanging out with his cousins this year.

We arrived bright and early as the festival started. E was excited to spend time with his cousins and to see the farm animals.

Harvest Moon Festival Harvest Moon Festival 

The first activity of the day was petting a baby chick. E was fascinated by the chicken, but I wasn't so sure how he would do with a live animal presented in front of him. He usually likes to keep his distance to be safe. Oddly enough he was very friendly and didn't mind petting the baby chick. My niece took a more cautious approach. Smart girl.

Harvest Moon Festival 

Assuming that October would be a cooler month, I wore pants. Big mistake. We were all a sweaty mess and needed sunscreen to protect our skin from the beating sun. Two years ago it was super cold and a bit rainy. We were all bundled up in winter jackets! This year we were desperate for the fall weather to arrive. Since it was so hot, I found myself hiding in the shade throughout the day. Pregnant Yin and sun doesn't match up too well.

E enjoyed watching the pigs from a distance, and of course the John Deere was too good to be true. Tractor! Tractor! Tractor! 

Harvest Moon Festival

Again, he wasn't afraid to approach the farm animals. With help from my sister, he enjoyed petting the sheep. We had just missed the feeding session, but E didn't mind. They were nice and soft to the touch. While hesitant to get close to pigs, he was fine being friends with the nice sheep.

Harvest Moon Festival

E absolutely loves open spaces. There is a field right down the street in our neighborhood. It's technically part of the neighborhood pool, but it rarely gets used. Since he started to walk, it's been a favorite spot for him to run and release some energy. Seeing hills and open space, he felt right at home and decided that running and going up the hill backwards would be way more fun than getting an up close view of the cows. Instead we posed with a fake one. Haha.

Harvest Moon Festival

Before we knew it, lunch time was approaching. E ate some food, and off he ran between hay bales and picnic tables. Live entertainment was provided, and the kids loved it... or did they just love running? Hehe. My niece is a big fan of running and falling with a purpose. E just loves to run and have his uncle swing him around.

Harvest Moon Festival

It was now time to have participate in some arts and crafts. This is the first time that E was able to be involved in crafts, and he really enjoyed it. E had his face painted... wait, he quietly sat down and let someone touch his face with paint. Woah. He picked Nemo. :) Then we made a pumpkin necklace, hat, and a little birdie on a stick. He was so proud of his creations. Must make a mental reminder that E loves crafts. At home arts and crafts are low on his priority list. He would rather play with trains.

Harvest Moon Festival Harvest Moon Festival

We saw a game that was open, and E eagerly participated in a pumpkin ring toss. He understood the concept and tried his hardest to toss the rings around the pumpkin stems. He actually made one on top and attempted to do the same with the other side. Once he was done he cleaned up and put back the rings in the basket. 

Harvest Moon Festival

So I never imagined having a family and also being able to share that joy with my own sisters. I have four of them, all ranging in age differences 9+ years apart in both directions. My sisters started having kids later in life, and I started a little earlier than average. When that happens we have cousins who are only months apart and enjoy each other's company. It makes me so happy to see them growing up together. They get along so well, and I hope they continue to be great friends for years to come. My one year old niece is not pictured here. I'm sure she is waiting for the day to run around with her older cousins.

Harvest Moon Festival: Relaxing Harvest Moon Festival Harvest Moon Festival

Eventually we were all exhausted and ready it call it a day. My niece had more plans in store for us, and we went over to my sister's house after nap time to enjoy the evening there. As usual the kids loved playing together (or sometimes playing apart and just love being around each other). They made pizzas with my sister, and we ate a delicious home cooked meal together. 

Play Date with Cousins

A big thanks goes out to my sister for coordinating and inviting us over for dinner. The kids really enjoyed themselves, and I especially love spending time with family.

P.S. Just for fun, here is a comparison from his first year at the Harvest Moon Festival two years ago...

All Bundled Up Harvest Moon Festival Harvest Moon Festival Calf Father Son Bonding


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