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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! This just so happens to be one of my favorite holidays of the year, and I cannot wait for our special day of trick-or-treat fun. We celebrated our first Halloween in our home four years ago, less than a month after moving in. I didn't exactly grow in a normal household, and my Halloween experience was pretty limited. Since owning our home, I have made sure to make the very best out of this holiday. Pumpkin carving -- check! Awesome candy -- check! Costumes... eh, I'm working on that one. 

Halloween 2010 
Totoro & Vampire Hello Kitty Pumpkins

E was 6 months old for his first Halloween adventure. Even though he was pretty young, he did enjoy watching trick-or-treaters come to our door. He was probably a little too busy learning how to use his walker to fully appreciate the kids dressed in costumes. 

Elliot the Dino DSC_0005-2

Fast forward a year later, and Little E at 18 months old was much more hands on with his Halloween experience. He was able to help me carve some pumpkins and loved dressing up as a lion. He was even more amazed when we left the house and visited our neighbors to ring their doorbells. The whole concept of ringing a doorbell to have someone answer with candy was beyond his comprehension. Luckily he wasn't too sure what was going in his basket, and we didn't let him know that the candy was edible. It was just another toy for him to play with in his pumpkin basket.

Checking Out the Pumpkin Halloween 2012 Elliot the Lion Halloween Family 2013 Pumpkins

With my due date only a week away, I'm really hoping that Negi stays inside just long enough so that I don't have to spend my Halloween at the hospital. I want to see E dress up in his giraffe costume (his costume of choice) and bring him to the houses on our street. I bet it will be even more exciting next year with two kids. Hehe.


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