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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day Out with Thomas

Little E loves trains, especially the most famous train of all, Thomas the Train. It was just a matter of time for us to make our way to Strasburg Railroad in Lancaster. One day while I was watching Daniel Tiger with E, I noticed a kid segment featuring the Strasburg Railroad. It made me do a quick Google search for details, and I decided that it was time for us to plan our first trip. Thomas would be making an appearance on the third week of September, and I asked H to take a day off of work so that we could go on a less busy day. With limited time as a family of three, I knew that Little E would appreciate this special trip to see Thomas.

The week leading up to our trip, I told E that we would be going somewhere special on Friday. By Friday morning, he still didn't know where we were headed, but he enjoyed the drive to Lancaster where he saw a lot of farm animals and corn fields. Once we arrived, he was in for a huge surprise, and boy was he a happy camper. He was so happy to see steam engines, and by the time he saw Thomas, I'm sure he about exploded of happiness inside.

 Day Out with Thomas Day Out with Thomas Day Out with Thomas

We purchased tickets to ride both Thomas (about 20 minute ride) and the main steam engine (45 minute ride). E was a trooper while we waited in line and enjoyed watching the trains arrive and depart the station. Once it was our turn to climb aboard, we chose to sit further away from Thomas to avoid the crowds. E was excited to sit in Annie and Clarabel (Thomas' coaches). He was a bit hesitant to take a photo with the conductor, and he remained pretty quiet on our train ride. He enjoyed looking out the window and entertained us with some photos.

Day Out with Thomas

Afterwards we got in line to take photos with Thomas at the front of the train before he departed the station again. Surprisingly E was really well behaved and didn't mind waiting in the lines, especially not really knowing what to expect once he arrived at the front. We took our pictures quickly and moved on to the next line to see Sir Topham Hatt. While waiting in line, E refueled with some grapes. The line moved quickly, and we were inside taking a picture with Sir Topham Hatt. Every photo opportunity felt rushed, mainly because I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Quick snap snap, and off we went.

Day Out with Thomas

After a few chilly days, I was expecting cooler temperatures. Instead it was very warm, and the sun was brightly shining. I was unprepared and didn't bring sunscreen with me. Being pregnant and exposed to too much sun makes me weak and cranky. E didn't seem to mind the sun so much. He was having too much fun seeing more familiar characters like the inflatable Percy.

Day Out with Thomas Day Out with Thomas

There are a lot of activities for kids to enjoy during the Day Out with Thomas event. E had his first temporary tattoo experience, and he was a bit baffled why he had to wait for the image to stick to his skin. He assumed it was a sticker. Once Thomas was on his arm, he was more than happy to wait for Henry on his other arm. Under the same tent there were 6 train tables set up with tracks and trains for the kids to enjoy along with Mega Bloks. Not too surprising, but I think this was one of his favorite parts. He loves playing with train tables, and it must have been heaven for him to be surrounded by so many.

Day Out with Thomas

By the time we returned for our trip on the big steam engine, E was finished for the day. Instead he preferred to sit on the bench and watch the trains arrive and depart from the station. We took our time and walked into a few stores to browse around. E loved being surrounded by so many toys.

Day Out with Thomas Day Out with Thomas

With an early morning start, we were ready to call it a day and head back home. Once E got in the car, he fell asleep before we arrived on the main road to depart. It was a very memorable day that he still recounts today. He loves looking back on our photos, and I'm sure he has had a few dreams about his trip as well. We will most likely be back again next year. It'll be fun to see how much the experience changes as he grows older.


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Such sweet photos and amazing memories! I love this post. One of my brothers is obsessed with trains, and I know he would love this.

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