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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day Date: Philly

With Negi on the way, we know that the next year or two will be challenging. H and I have taken advantage of every opportunity to spend some quality time together. My FIL has generously taken E over night once a week when possible for the past several months. It's nice to get a daily break and relax for a few hours with no interruptions. On this rare occasion, H and I had a Saturday alone with each other, and we decided to go on a day date to Philly. It's only 45 minutes away, and we frequently go at night when my sister watches E. It's different to have a full day to explore, especially during the day. Sometimes I forget that people actually travel to visit Philly on vacation. 

Philly Day Date: Morning

We started the morning off at home with homemade breakfast and a nice cup of coffee. To full take advantage of the day, we woke up at a decent time instead of opting to sleep in. The younger version of us would have slept in until noon. The responsible adult version of us knew it would be better to get as much done in our day as possible.

Philly Day Date: Federal Donuts

Our first stop was Federal Donuts. With two locations, we opted for the lower key location and found parking right in front. It was lunch time, and most of the specialty donuts were sold out for the day. No problem. We'll just order one of each type that was available. Sounds like the only option, right? Hehe. Their donuts were perfection. So much donut goodness without being overly sweet. Since we bought quite a few just for the two of us, we were able to eat them throughout the day. 

Philly Day Date: Federal Donuts

If donuts weren't enough, Federal Donuts also serves fried chicken starting at 11 AM. By the time we arrived they were out of wings. No fear. I'll just get the other parts of the chicken fried instead. I chose the buttermilk ranch seasoning, and H went for the honey ginger glaze. What makes their chicken special? It's Korean style and twice fried. Yum! The chicken was moist and full of flavor. Oh so delicious!

Date Day - Federal Donuts All Smiles

What happens when you have two photo obsessed people photographing the day? You get a whole lot of photos from various sources. H has his camera, and I used my phone and Instax to capture our little day date. I love that one day when we're super old we can recount our younger years as new-ish parents with a day off.

Philly Day Date: The Franklin Fountain

Next stop -- The Franklin Fountain! Okay in all honesty, we actually took a pit stop and went to Target for a bathroom break. Hehe. Gotta make the pregnant woman happy! So after our little Target adventure, we went to Market Street and had dessert. The Franklin Fountain is your old school ice cream shop with all the details to match. No detail is overlooked, and all recipes are authentic and original to the times. 

Philly Day Date: The Franklin Fountain

Being a lover of all things green tea, I picked the green tea ice cream. H chose a strawberry milkshake, a staple in his comparison of ice cream shops. We both loved our selections and cannot wait to bring Little E there one day. They have ice cream made with coconut milk, which is dairy free! It's nearly impossible to find dessert for the kiddo. The only option is usually sorbet, and I'm sure it gets pretty boring. Ice cream tastes so much better!

Date Day: Franklin Fountain

So have I told you how much I love my camera? Well I do! It's so easy for me to approach a stranger on the street and ask him/her to take a photo. It's almost fool proof, even though it requires the person to look through the viewfinder (so ancient in our times of having everything digital and seen through a screen). I get an instant photo and see the results within a few minutes. H and I actually have pictures together where we're not awkwardly holding the camera hoping to get both of us in the frame. Win win!

Philly Day Date: Shane Confectionery

We didn't travel very far to our next destination, Shane Confectionery, which was only a few shops over. Again, we have a very old school candy shop using all of the traditional old school techniques and machinery to get the job done right. The Berley Brothers own both The Franklin Fountain and Shane Confectionery. Both spaces are very charming and draws you right in. The smell of sugar in the air was just what I needed post ice cream. 

Philly Day Date: Shane Confectionery Philly Day Date: Shane Confectionery

We had the whole store to ourselves for quite some time before the crowd started to come in. Sometimes it's even difficult for a pregnant woman to be decisive when it comes to sugar. I picked the dark chocolate nonpareils. H went for the salt water taffy and a pack of bubble gum cigarettes, which reminded him of his childhood. 

Philly Day Date: Shane Confectionery Love

Sometimes I feel like we don't have enough photos of us as a couple now that we have the camera lens constantly pointed towards our child. We can't forget that our family started out with the two of us before we started having kids. 

Date Day: Shane Confectionery

Here is evidence of H's silly side. He tried to be cool smoking his bubble gum cigarette outside of the store. Hehe. 

Philly Day Date

We walked around Market Street for a bit. It turned out to be a hotter day than we expected, and I was started to get dehydrated. Plus I needed frequent potty breaks. Hmm.. traveling with a pregnant woman can be a little difficult. Luckily I was always able to find a bathroom. It just required extra brain power to think of a good location. 

Sometimes it feels like H has a new camera every couple of months. I tend to be a common subject in front of his lens. I think I have too many pictures of myself...

Philly Day Date: Walnut Street

Next up, we made our way to Walnut Street for a little shopping action. The farmer's market was closing up at Rittenhouse Square, and we caught the tail end of it. I grabbed a single apple and chomped away on my snack. H snapped a picture. :) If you couldn't tell, Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores, and I love going to the flagship store on Walnut. If I'm lucky I can score some really good deals. On a busy Saturday, I wasn't so lucky but we had fun browsing around.

Philly Day Date: Anthropologie

Yes, that is a couch inside the elevator. Muahaha! It was so comfy too. I wanted to sit on the couch longer, but there were people waiting for the elevator once we reached the 2nd floor. Boo.

Philly Day Date: Anthropologie

I browse for clothes, and H plays with toys in the kid's section. That sounds about right. 

Being Silly at Anthropologie

Silly pictures are a must! After Anthropologie we walked around some more, spending a lot of time inside Paper Source and scoring some awesome deals at the Gap. It's hard to find Gap maternity in stores, and this is one of the few locations that still carry maternity clothes. 

Then dinner time was quickly approaching, and we were ready for some more grub in our tummies. Since I planned out most of the day, H was next up to decide on where we would eat next. After a quick Yelp search, he settled on Monk's Cafe

Philly Day Date: Monk's Cafe Philly Day Date: Monk's Cafe

Monk's Cafe specializes in Belgium beer. I'm pregnant and decided I was better off avoiding alcohol. Instead I went straight for the grub, and it did not disappoint. We stuffed ourselves silly with an order of mussels, scallops, duck salad, and a burger. Plus we were so satisfied with the quality of food, we even ordered two desserts to go. We couldn't stop raving about the food we just ate. Everything was delicious and made our tummies very happy. The menu is also very diabetic friendly, which is so rare. (P.S. Editing these photos and writing this blog post actually made us crave the food all over again, and my tummy might be full of mussels as I'm typing up this post... )

Date Night: Monk's Cafe

Philly Day Date: Rittenhouse Square

With our tummies completed stuffed, we walked to Rittenhouse Square to enjoy our desserts and relax a bit before heading back home. At the end of the day, I was surprised how fast the day went by. Before we knew it, we were back on the road and reminiscing on our fun filled day. I'm not sure when we will have a full day to ourselves again, but I'll be more than happy to relive our special day date through photos. I know it's difficult for most parents to find quality time together, but I do recommend the occasional date night. It helps us reconnect. Sure, we spend most of the time talking about our kid, but it's nice to be ourselves and act like kids ourselves every now and then. I love spending time with H, and I treasure the moments we have together. Even though I had such a great day, I really missed Little E and couldn't wait to see him again. My family has become my reason for living, and I look forward to every moment that we get to spend together.


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