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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Backyard Camping

Back in June H had a great idea to go camping outside with Little E. The hardest part was trying to find the tent and remembering where we stored it from last year. Once the tent was found, H and Little E started putting it together outside. 

Backyard Camping in the Tent Backyard Camping in the Tent

After reading books and watching shows featuring camping, Little E was pretty excited to get some first hand experience. He really enjoyed helping H put the pieces together. 

Backyard Camping in the Tent Backyard Camping in the Tent

In no time the tent was up, and we were all eager to get inside. After owning this tent for 3 years, this is the first time we actually set it up outside. It lived in our family room for the longest time. It's much better looking when not cramped inside in a small room. 

Backyard Camping in the Tent Backyard Camping in the Tent

While camping in the great outdoors sounds like a lot of fun, I decided to skip out on this adventure. I had plans to meet up with a friend from out of town. My pregnant body wouldn't do well sleeping outside anyways. It prefers the comfort of regulated temperature, a comfy bed, blanket, and pillow. If I wasn't pregnant, I think I would be tough enough to sleep outside with the boys.

Backyard Camping in the Tent Backyard Camping in the Tent

Little E got comfortable in front of his iPad and enjoyed having his buddies join him on this adventure.

Backyard Camping in the Tent

All adventures need to be documented with a family picture where E hates the camera. It's only natural. Hehe. As soon as the picture taking was over, he happily resumed his position in front of the iPad and enjoyed being inside the tent. The boys watched a little bit of Curious George before calling it a night and fell asleep. The temperatures started to drop, and moisture was in the air. E woke up around midnight, and everyone came back inside to sleep inside the comforts of home.

Last week E asked to go camping with H again. We set up the tent inside the family room this time, and it has taken up all available space in there. Luckily E likes to go inside to play with his toys, and it's pretty warm inside, which is perfect for the colder mornings we have had lately. He hasn't asked to sleep inside the tent yet, which I'm fine with. Beds are more comfy in my opinion. Can't wait to have our whole family camping inside the tent when Negi arrives, whether it's inside or outside. It's always an adventure.


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