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Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby Negi - Weeks 32 - 35

I can hardly believe that I'm this far along in my pregnancy. In my mind I'm only 20 weeks along and still have plenty of time. Eeks! My to go bag does not exist, and I haven't even submitted my paperwork to the hospital yet. Maybe if I delay my prep, then Negi will stay inside just a little longer? My comfort level is still pretty good, although I do feel more pregnant than I did last month. My back aches more, and my energy level is lower than usual. I'm not tired of being pregnant quite yet, but I am tired of all my doctor's appointments. The last few days I have experienced some contractions, but they usually go away within 15 minutes.

Baby Bump - Week 32 
{Anthropology Store Display}

I'm finally up 10 lbs in weight gain, and I'm hoping to add a few more lbs before Negi is born. As noted in my last Negi update, he is measuring on the smaller side. It's an issue that is continuing to bother me due to the way the doctors have been treating me. I'm a petite Asian woman who makes small babies and have been on a strict low carb diet since week 18. How can anyone expect me to have an average American sized baby? Sigh. I have to go in for ultrasounds twice a week as I near the end of my pregnancy to monitor Negi's growth (in addition to my weekly OB visit). So far everything has come out fine with the exception of his weight. Yesterday I asked my OB the reason for the frequent visits, and she tells me that it's mainly to monitor fluid levels (which have been perfectly fine throughout my pregnancy). The levels can drop within a few days, and that is the reason for my extra ultrasound. Bleh.

Baby Bump - Week 33

As far as my diabetes goes, I am still diet controlled, which comes to all medical professionals as a complete surprise. Once detected early, the chances of going without medication is very low. I just know how my body works and maintain a very healthy diet. I don't follow their guidelines for carb intake, and I trust my metabolism to work in my favor. As a result, my weight gain has been minimal, and Negi isn't a huge baby. I'm starting to really miss all of my favorite foods, and I can't wait until I can start to eat carbs freely again. I would like to continue my healthy eating habits but indulge more often in the foods I like. Don't get me wrong. I still eat sweets and love my occasional bagel with cream cheese. I just don't want to time it or miss out on desserts when everyone else can enjoy it immediately after dinner.

Baby Bump - Week 34

We did run into a small scare last month. One of my ultrasounds detected a small hole in the lower chamber of Negi's heart called a VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect). I went to AI DuPont Children's Hospital to see the experts, and they were able to calm my nerves. With their ultra high tech ultrasounds, the doctor was only able to see the hole in one image. It is likely to be abstract. If not, the hole is very small and will likely close on its own. If doctors hear a murmur after baby is born, then the most I need to do is schedule an appointment for Negi to be seen at AI DuPont 6 weeks after birth. The rest of the heart is very healthy with no issues. Out of all the doctors I have seen in my pregnancy, I prefer the care I received at AI DuPont.

Baby Bump - Week 35
{preview of Negi's room}

While I suspected that I would be slowing down in activity, it appears that we have been trying to fit in as much as possible while we're still a family of three, giving E as much attention as possible until baby arrives. We attended both of my niece's birthday parties, went to Day Out with Thomas, continued our annual beach trip to OCMD, and worked as much as possible on completing Negi's room. I have somehow continued to cook dinner every night (this part surprises me the most) and kept up with household chores. Since time is winding down, H and I have tried to go on a date night every Friday while my sister watches E for the night. It's really nice to be able to spend some time together and feel like a normal couple every week. We know that date nights will disappear soon, and we're trying to take full advantage of the time we have now.

Negi's Profile - Week 35

With the third trimester passing by so quickly, we will be meeting Negi very soon. I'm anxious but nervous at the same time. Luckily Negi has made me pretty optimistic so far in this pregnancy, and I have a feeling that everything will work out. Even with all the challenges of taking care of a newborn and toddler, we will make it through just fine. Sure, we will be in survival mode for the first month or two, but it'll be so much fun to have a family of four. E will be a great big brother, and H and I will be the happiest parents of two amazing boys. 

Can't wait to meet you, Little Negi. Bake just a little longer to make the doctors happy, okay? Thanks. I love you.

P.S. Another comparison between my pregnancies. I looked HUGE with E! 

Pregnancy - Week 34
{comparison - pregnant with E at 34 weeks}


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