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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Painting Negi's Nursery

We finally cleaned out my former craft/office space and are preparing for Negi's nursery. It was so much work to get the room cleared out. It became the "dump everything in here" space, and sorting the mess was a headache at times. We took our time to put away everything in the proper spot. H prepped the walls, and I chose the paint color -- Benjamin Moore Robin's Nest color matched with Olympic paint. Our trip to Lowe's was much needed for extra painting supplies. 

Baby Bump - Week 29
{shopping at Lowe's}

Little E spent Friday evening and Saturday at Pop Pop's house while H and I tried to be productive on Saturday. We ran errands in the morning and came back home to start our painting process. Can you believe we have been in our house for 4 years, and this is only the 3rd room painted? 

Painting the Nursery

Froggy tape went up along the ceiling and window frame, and I was in charge of cutting the trim and half of the doorways. H took care of the rest of the doorways, cutting along the ceiling, and painting the walls. Our goal was to finish both coats of paint before having to pick up E. Luckily plans changed, and he was going to be dropped off instead. It gave us the extra time to get the second coat of paint on before the sun went down.

Painting the Nursery Painting the Nursery Painting Negi's Nursery

Painting can be a lot of work, but it's so satisfying seeing the walls transform. The room changes so much with a fresh coat of paint and adds character to an otherwise boring white space. With less than 9 weeks remaining, I am relieved to cross another thing off of our to do list. Looking back on pictures from painting E's room, we painted around the same time during my pregnancy with him. I can't wait for more of the room to come together. We bought E a big boy bed over the weekend, and the crib will soon move into Negi's room. H is in charge of painting furniture, and I have to figure out the decorations for the space. Maybe we will have the room ready by the end of the month? That will be our goal.


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