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Monday, September 9, 2013

Maui Honeymoon/Babymoon - Day 2

We have never been morning people, but that changes quite a bit when you have a kid. You can't tell your kid to go back to sleep for a few more hours (trust us, we've tried). Days of sleeping in until noon are long gone. While on vacation we kept a pretty good sleeping schedule, sleeping earlier at night and waking up at a decent time in the morning. Even though we would love to sleep in, it seems like hours wasted on a beautiful island like Maui. We would wake up to the sounds of the birds chirping (they can be pretty loud) and waves crashing against the shore. It was the perfect wake up call. Since being diagnosed with GD, eating breakfast every morning is very important for me. We made sure to have all the ingredients on hand to cook breakfast, and H was the chef for this trip. It was glorious to be able to wake up, shower, listen to H making breakfast and be able to enjoy our food uninterrupted. 

This morning we decided to explore the beach, and it was such a beautiful sight. I'm not a huge fan of water. Okay, I'm scared of water and assume that it's going to attack me at every opportunity. I love to get my feet wet, but that's the extent of my enthusiasm with the water. Maybe I should learn how to swim again to conquer my fear. H explored the water and enjoyed snorkeling. I relaxed on the beach and had fun doing absolutely nothing. As a parent, it's difficult to justify sitting around and doing absolutely nothing. Vacation is the perfect time to just lounge and not have to worry about a thing.

Napili Bay Napili Bay Napili Bay

After our morning on the beach, we were hungry and ready for lunch at the Honolua Store. I chose the fish sandwich with curly fries (yum), and H picked the special for the day -- the laulau platter. Laulau is tender pork wrapped in taro leaf. Oh so delicious, and I wish I could have another bite.

Honolua Store

Once our tummies were full, we hit the road for some exploring around the city of Kahului. H and I are fans of Costco, and we visit them on vacation when we get a chance. We have been to Costco's in San Francisco and by Niagara Falls. From my limited research I found that people liked to buy souvenirs at Costco (macadamia nuts, chocolates, etc) for a great price. We picked up a bag of Hershey's kisses with macadamia nuts, which you can only buy in Hawaii. At home I split up the chocolates into individual bags and gave them to our friends and family. 

Having been to a Costco in Canada, we wondered if their food selection would be any different since we were so far away from the mainland. Well their food court menu was identical. H indulged in a piece of pizza, which tasted just like Costco pizza at home. Some things are meant to remain the same.

Costco - Maui

Some notable items that were picture worthy -- Maui Gold pineapples (very cheap at Costco and double the price everywhere else), lots of Spam, and Asian ingredients like premium oyster sauce in bulk.

Costco - Maui

Mmm... then there is the fish. I wanted to gobble up the whole tray of tuna sashimi, especially for the price and quality. Instead I wanted to try their poke (marinated cubes of yummy tuna). Poke can be found throughout the island, but I wanted to see how Costco's version held up. Yeah it was super delicious. You can't go wrong with cubes of tuna with spicy mayo. They had a huge selection of different varieties as well.

Costco - Maui

Shopping made us work up our appetite for more shave ice! This time H wanted to try the rainbow, which was very pretty and delicious (all the syrups were top notch) but not as yummy as my haleakala. We later learned to add macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom for the perfect combination with the haleakala. 

Ululani Shave Ice

This is where our picture story ends for the day. We went to visit the town of Paia for dinner at the Paia Fish Market. The line was out to the door, and we were standing there figuring out what to eat from the menu. I had my eye on one of the fish platters. Now here is where we get down to the real side of marriage. We have disagreements, and they can even happen on our delayed honeymoon/babymoon. H mentioned that we should share a plate of fish tacos. I thought that was kind of weird. He also seemed a bit annoyed by how crowded the place was, and I could tell something was off. Being hormonal and hungry, I didn't know what to take of this and assumed that he didn't want to eat here. He tried to convince me otherwise, but I didn't believe him. Why would he suggest to split a plate of fish tacos with pregnant, diabetic Yin? So I was upset and decided that we would leave. Now I'm very stubborn, and I blame my dad for this side of me. Not only was I hungry, I was disappointed that we went out of our way to visit Paia for dinner and leave empty handed. I just wanted to go back to the condo at this point. We continued to talk about what happened, and H continued to defend himself. I continued to fight back on my point of view.

I ended up falling asleep in the car. H tried to redeem himself and drove us to Star Noodle for dinner. I wouldn't budge and just wanted to go back to the condo. The restaurant was also crowded with many people waiting for tables to open up. Finally H gave up and drove us back. Once we were at the condo, I was ready for the night to be over and went to bed without dinner. H needed to cool off and think things over in the car. It was weird to be apart for those few hours, but that's what marriage is about sometimes. We get into disagreements. There are misunderstandings. We go to bed on an empty stomach sometimes too. It's not the best part of marriage, but it's realistic. The next morning we woke up in better spirits and apologized to each other about the night before.

So there you have it folks. That was day 2 of our adventure in Maui. It ended on a rough note, but I'm okay with that. Life isn't always perfect, and there are some not so happy hours in a marriage. What's important is that we can learn from our disagreements and talk about our problems openly. Also H needs to remember that a well fed Yin means a very happy Yin. E is the same way. We both get grumpy when we're hungry. Hehe. 


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