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Friday, September 13, 2013

Baby Negi - Weeks 28 - 31

Less than 9 weeks left before my due date, and I'm starting to get anxious. In the beginning it felt like I had all the time in the world to prepare for baby to come. Now it's starting to hit that time is dwindling, and I have to cross off more things off my to do list. E came almost 2 weeks early, and I'm more or less expecting the same from Negi. Maybe we'll have a Halloween baby?

Baby Bump - Week 28

The past month has been treating me well, just like most of my pregnancy so far. Negi is truly behaving in the womb and being a super baby. Hoping this translates to an easy going baby outside of the womb to help us transition to a family of 4.

I'm still able to control my diabetes with diet, which seems surprising to doctors since my GD was diagnosed early. Most people have to take medication by now. While I have been pretty positive about my diet restrictions this time around, I'm starting to miss carbs more and more. I would love to pick figs off the tree in the backyard and eat them right away instead of having to wait until after my meal score. Sigh. I'm already coming up with a mental list of foods I want to request while I'm in the hospital and free to eat whatever I like. Sushi and bagels are on top of my list. 

Baby Bump - Week 29

Since I'm still keeping up with my diet, my weight hasn't moved too much. I did gain a whole 2 lbs, bringing up my total weight gain to 7 lbs. I'm still under 120 lbs, but I will probably go over soon. Negi is weighing in at 3 lbs 1 oz, which is a bit of a concern with the doctors. Normal GD patients have to worry about big babies. Instead I have a small one. The doctors tried to assure me that I'm probably okay since they're comparing me to Caucasians who generally have bigger babies than Asians. Quite honestly, I'm not worried. Little E weighed 5 lbs 13 oz at birth and perfectly healthy. Since Negi is on the smaller side, I have to see maternal fetal doctors every 3 weeks instead of every 4 weeks. Boo. I'm getting tired of having so many ultrasounds. So tired that I actually fell asleep during my last ultrasound. Oops!

Baby Bump - Week 30
{Federal Donuts}

Sleep has been great as usual. I'm so lucky that I don't need any additional pillows and can sleep comfortably in bed. Insomnia hasn't reached full force yet. H is in charge of middle of the night wakings from E. If I wake up to tend to E, I end up staying up for hours and unable to fall back asleep. I have been getting up more frequently to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night, but it doesn't bother me. I am able to fall back asleep without any issues.

This past week I have been feeling more pregnant than usual. I am realizing my limitations and inability to bend down to pick up items on the floor. While cleaning up after E, you can usually find me scooting around on the floor because getting up and down is too much work for me. I do have to be more careful with my stomach, which has been feeling some abuse being brushed up against walls, chairs, and other objects. Fatigue is coming back, and it's hard for me to stay awake without my midday cup of coffee or a nap during quiet time.

Baby Bump - Week 31
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For a while I have been thinking about how my pregnancy with Negi differs from E. Being the second child, I know Negi won't get the same kind of one on one attention his big brother has had for the past two years. Hopefully he won't mind, but sometimes it bothers me. I had a baby shower with E, and it wasn't so much about the presents as it was about family and friends getting together to celebrate the pending arrival of E. I won't be having a baby shower this time around. I certainly don't need anymore baby gear, but I feel bad that we're not celebrating Negi's arrival. Maybe I'll throw a mini party at home with cake and balloons for the three of us. We will talk about our excitement for Negi and stare at dozens of photos of him from my ultrasounds. That sounds like a plan. Hehe.

Baby Negi

Negi, I hope you stay inside and bake for a little longer. Thank you for squirming around all day long and sleeping at night for the most part. We're thrilled and scared at the same time for your arrival. You already fit perfectly in our small family, and I can tell you're going to be a great little brother and son. Keep growing and stay healthy my little one.

Pregnancy - Week 31
{for comparison -- week 31 with Little E}


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