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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maui Honeymoon/Babymoon - Travel Day

Three years ago I married my best friend, and this year we were finally able to take our honeymoon! It's a little delayed but well deserved. In the past three years we started a family. With another on the way, we took advantage of this opportunity to get away and finally take a vacation. Little E stayed with my sister for a week, and we enjoyed ourselves in Maui! It was so nice to be free and have no responsibilities.

Of course every adventure has a story, and I'll try to recap as much of it as possible for my own record keeping. The first day was our travel day, and boy was it full of twists and turns. We arrived early at the airport, ate an icky breakfast, and saw that our flight had been delayed. Our original schedule included layovers in Chicago and Los Angeles. Chicago experienced some nasty storms that morning, causing delays to all flights coming in and out of the airport. There was no way that our original schedule would work out with the delay. H was on the phone attempting to figure out Plan B. He handed the phone over to me where the customer service representative gave me our options. None of them were appealing (umm... more layovers, no thanks) and would require us to fly into Maui the next morning. I was upset, handed the phone back to H, and somehow another plan was brewing. We would get on the next flight to Chicago, which was about to depart in 15 minutes. Unfortunately we had no confirmation that we would be on the flight and waited in the standby line. Luck wasn't on our side, and the flight was full. Plan C would have to take action.

Since we didn't make the flight to Chicago, we had a chance to get on a standby flight to San Francisco on a different airline. The flight was full, and the possibility of us getting on this flight was slim. We also had to wait in the airport until the late afternoon, not knowing whether or not standby would come through for us. To pass time, H took a short nap, and we ate lunch.

Waiting Pinkberry

Lunch and Waiting

After a few hours we decided to check on our flight. H did the talking, and we were #2 and #3 in line for standby. Again, the flight was completely full, and we could see on the screen exactly how full it was. I tried to stay calm since there was no reason to get worked up over something we had no control over. H was a nervous wreck. We really didn't want to stay overnight in an airport and have to fly in the next day. We also didn't have another backup plan. Fast forward to boarding time. There are two seats available. I'm #3 in line for standby. That would mean one of us wouldn't make the flight, and H insisted that I go ahead and make the flight alone. We would meet up the next day. Umm.. nope. That's not acceptable, especially not on my honeymoon. Luck was on our side, and we both made the flight. Person #1 in standby never showed up, and we were finally on our way to Maui!


Once we arrived in San Francisco, we grabbed a quick bite to eat for dinner. Our last trip together was 5 years ago to San Francisco so it was very fitting to visit again on our way to our honeymoon. The flight from San Francisco to Maui wasn't originally scheduled, and it was a last minute addition due to a cancelled flight the day before. The pilot was notified that morning of the flight, and boy did we luck out. It was pretty empty, and we had plenty of space to relax and catch a few Zzzz's.

One More Flight to Go!

Finally we arrive in Maui past midnight. We are the last flight in, and we were able to get a car rental to drive back to our condo. We're 5+ hours behind on our original schedule, but we are so happy to finally make it to our destination. We get in our car rental and drive to Safeway, which is open 24 hours a day. We stock up on water and breakfast items and head to our condo, which is an hour away from the airport. The drive is exciting and fun, and the next day we discover just how awesome it is during the day.

We're Here!

Flights Galore

Phew! That was a long story. All good adventures have twists and turns, right? As crazy as the day turned out to be, I was happy to be with H and finally experience our honeymoon together. 

On Our Flight to Maui!

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Joyce said...

Hi Yin! Long time reader, but first time commenting. First of all, congratulations on finally taking your honeymoon. We took ours in Hawaii as well, but that was more than 5 years ago. Recently, we went back to Hawaii again for my brother's wedding, with two kids (ages 3 and 1) in tow from the East Coast. It was quite an experience and I was glad that at least ALL of our flights were on-time. I seriously can't imagine the consequences if I had to go through what you gone through with two antsy kids.

I can't wait to hear the rest of the story. We went to a Safeway as well, probably the same one, and stayed around Kaanapali Beach.

Marie said...

Congrats on taking your honeymoon :) Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip :)

Annie said...

You are absolutely ADORABLE! I'm so glad you were able to take a honey/baby moon :) :) xo

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