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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby Negi

Updates are few and far between. Baby Negi is already being neglected on this blog, and it's about time I changed that. I am currently 24 weeks along, more than half way there and no where near ready for his arrival. Yes, you read that correctly. Little E will be having a baby brother! We are thrilled to have another boy in our family, and I'm hoping they will be the best of friends. :)

Baby Bump - Week 20

I have been much more relaxed with this pregnancy. I don't read weekly updates on how my baby is doing or know what size vegetable he resembles today. I keep busy with Little E, and there isn't much time left to actually soak in the fact that there is a baby growing inside of me. I don't feel terribly uncomfortable. The summer heat isn't affecting me more than usual, and I'm actually running colder than average. Sleep has been bearable, and there hasn't been a need to take out my ginormous pregnancy pillow. I'm eating well and luckily did not experience much morning sickness in my first trimester.

Baby Negi

Now the icky part of my pregnancy is being diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 18 weeks, a whole 10 weeks earlier than with Little E. My diet is strict. My body is weird, and my sugar levels are not predictable at times. I pretty much eat a carb free diet, which wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't a full time short order cook for a certain 2 year old boy. Finding time to feed myself is hard enough already, and my diet restrictions make it more complicated. Eating out is always difficult. I get discouraged about once a day, and it's hard to lift my spirits back up knowing how much I struggle at times. On a brighter note, I have gained a whole 5 lbs so far in my pregnancy due to my diet. With Little E I stopped gaining weight and started to lose a few pounds in my third trimester. With that in mind, I'm not sure if I'll gain much.

Baby Bump - Week 23

Negi has been a pretty mellow baby so far. My pregnancies differ quite a bit, but my attachment is just as strong. I always have a buddy right there by my side. He is already a great little brother, and I cannot wait for him to make his arrival. Hoping that the rest of my pregnancy will go as smoothly as the first half.

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