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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sick Little E

Little E has had a fever since Sunday, and he has been under the weather ever since. We have been lucky that he hasn't had any major illness in the last 2 years of his life. He has only had two doctor's visit other than his routine visits -- one for eczema and another for suspected ear infections which proved to be nothing at all. Usually we let his sickness run its course, and he is back to normal within a few days. This time it's different, and my little guy is suffering more than ever. He went to the doctor's office today, and he was diagnosed with impetigo and herpangina. I'm hoping the antibiotics will help. Seeing him suffer is the worse.

Sick Elliot

Not only is Little E suffering, but so is this mom over here. I am trying my best to help him in every way possible, but I am physically and mentally drained. Little E throws tantrums left and right. His favorite foods are now no longer his favorites, which makes sense due to his mouth infection. He wants to scratch his body nonstop, which is making his eczema so much worse. I'm having a hard time keeping up with his needs and demands. It leaves me no time to take care of myself, which also means I'm not taking care of Baby Negi. Sigh.

I'm really hoping that Little E improves soon. He is a tough little fighter, but I don't want him to suffer or have to fight anymore. Yucky virus, go away!

Sick Elliot


animeniac206 said...

I'm glad to see him grow up so much and so fast. I hope he gets better soon!

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