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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Elliot's 1st Birthday Party

I am getting excited for Little E's birthday, which is quickly approaching. Instead of being sad that my little boy is no longer a baby, I'm focusing my energy on party planning. The other night I compared party planning to wedding planning. Hehe. I love making pretty things and planning something spectacular, especially now that Little E can enjoy them too. While browsing through old photos of his birthday from last year, I realized that I never posted them here. So instead of hiding them in the vault forever, here are Little E's birthday photos... just 11 months late.

get_this_off_of_me Birthday_Brownies
We celebrated Little E's actual birthday with birthday brownies, and he loved the taste of chocolate :)

Elliot's 1st Birthday - Morning Prep Elliot's 1st Birthday - Morning Prep
I was so stressed the night before because I felt like we made no progress with decorating and preparing everything. Luckily our friends came through early in the morning and were such awesome troopers helping us out  to make Little E's birthday perfect.

Elliot's 1st Birthday - Details
We had so much food! You can tell we don't plan parties often because we over estimated on food and drinks. Cookie favors were made my very talented friend Lena :) (she also baked our wedding cakes!)

81330001crop 81330006
when it came to his birthday party, he wasn't as fond of the chocolate goodness known as a gluten free vegan cake

Elliot's 1st Birthday Elliot's 1st Birthday DSC_0107 DSC_0079 6961874886_2cbf1e90fa_o DSC_0122
so many amazing family and friends came to celebrate Little E's birthday

DSC_0132 Elliot's 1st Birthday - Baby's 1st Ride
of course all birthdays end with opening presents and testing out a new car

The stress level of planning a first birthday party is beyond crazy. I'm so glad that it won't be as hectic this year (or will it?). I am so thankful for all of our friends and family who helped make his birthday so very special. I cannot wait to celebrate his second birthday next month. It will be even better!

P.S. You will be beyond busy taking care of a kid and hosting the party. Do yourself a favor and ask someone you trust to take photos to remember the day. H and I are usually the photographers at family events, and people often forget to take photos for us.