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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little E & The Potty

Yesterday while I was cooking dinner, Little E approaches me and says, "diaper" as he grabs his diaper between his legs. I always get excited when he tells me that he needs to be changed because he is able to communicate his needs. I turn off the stove and motion for us to go up the stairs to his room. He decides to go the other direction and scoots down to the family room. I figured he got side tracked and wanted to play with his Lego pieces. Instead he opens the bathroom door and points to his potty seat.

wearing big boy underwear around the house

Let me back track. In the beginning of August I attempted to potty train Little E who was only 15.5 months at the time. I took advantage of the summer heat and stripped him down to just his big boy underwear and stayed indoors for an entire week. In a single day he would pee through 8+ pairs of underwear. I spent a lot of time cleaning up messes on the floor and carpet. It was not fun. Little E didn't like it either because he hated potty time and would cause a huge fit. Potty training was a failure, but he did #2 on the big boy potty twice.

Time to Read
reading a book and hopefully holding his urge to pee on the rug

Okay now I can continue. I take off his diaper and pants and plop him on the potty. He sits there and doesn't fight like usual. Odd. About 30 seconds go by and I hear the sound of pee hitting the toilet water. Wooooohooo! I was beyond excited, and I cheered Little E the entire time. He was so proud of himself, and I was too. I wiped him down with some toilet paper and put it in the potty. I flushed and together we watched the water go down. He was rewarded with some gummy snacks, which he hasn't had since August when we first attempted to potty train. He was thrilled.

Eating Bread
eating and enjoying being almost naked

I am beyond proud of my little boy. I hope he continues, but I won't push him either. I know that he fears going on the potty, and I will let him lead the way. He just started talking about 2 weeks ago and increased his vocabulary tremendously (20+ words). I'll let him figure out his bodily functions and form new words to better communicate his needs. I may try potty training again in a few more months but will slowly ease into it.

Playing with Beans
playing with beans and inspecting the shovel

*Unfortunately no pictures were taken of the special moment yesterday. I was too excited and shocked.


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