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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Am I Raising a Techie?

Checking Email Before Work
checking email before work
H is a techie, and it's not hard to believe that we have a lot of gadgets at home. We have at least 5 laptops, one desktop computer, an iPad, way too many cameras to count (8 film cameras alone), and so much more. Little E has been surrounded by it all, and it's no surprise that he is just like H. He wakes up in the morning and searches for a computing device. He'll look in the nook next to my side of the bed for the iPad, search for charging cables in hopes of finding a phone, look under the bed for a laptop, and run over to the computer and sit down waiting for his favorite song to play. His world already revolves around technology, and I wonder how this will affect him in the long run. Will he be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Or will he just be tech obsessed and not in tune with the real world? Luckily he loves books just as much as technology, and you can often find him reading in the corner of his play room. Time will only tell how technology will influence his future.

Want to know something crazy about my kid? He knows how to swipe over to unlock the phone/tablet. He swipes between screens and find his favorite apps. He knows to use a certain app to play his favorite song on my phone and to use a different app on H's phone. It's scary how much he picks up just from watching us.


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