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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adventure at Milburn Orchard

Every year we go to Milburn Orchard to pick pumpkins and get excited for Halloween. This was Little E's third time (including when I was pregnant with him the first year). I love our little tradition and hope to keep this up every year. Looking back on last year's pictures, it's amazing how much he has grown. While I am sad that he is no longer a baby, it makes me happy to see him running around and really being able to enjoy the activities.

Riding on the Wooden Bus
riding in the wooden school bus

Ghost & Frankenstein
Little E as a ghost and Frankenstein

Fun at Milburn Orchard
Fun at Milburn Orchard
Little E touches the animals

Rooster at Milburn Orchard
rooster on the loose

Fun at Milburn Orchard
be careful! they bite!

Fun at Milburn Orchard

Fun at Milburn Orchard
such a cute kid wearing his 6-12 month vest

Inflatable Animals Are More Fun
he loved playing with the inflatable animals & enjoyed pushing them over


Fun at Milburn Orchard
having fun in the bail trail

Fun at Milburn Orchard
getting excited to run around and touch pumpkins

Fun at Milburn Orchard
hmm.. this might be a good one

Fun at Milburn Orchard
entering the pumpkin house

Why Won't You Pick Me Up? 
he may have fallen down & we may have snapped pictures of him instead of helping him get back up...

5.5 Months v. 17.5 Months
my baby is all grown up - 5.5 months (left) and 17.5 months (right)

5.5 Months v. 17.5 Months
5.5 months (left) and 17.5 months (right)

Milburn is only a couple of minutes away from our house, which makes it super convenient and easy for us to visit before lunch and nap time. Little E was exhausted from running around and quickly zonked out as soon as we started our short drive home. We opted to skip out on buying pumpkins there since we always empty our wallets. It's too expensive! Instead we went to Trader Joe's later that day and bought pumpkins for $3.99 each. E was so happy to bring them home with us after our pumpkin adventure earlier in the day. He could care less where we bought them from. I love seeing my little kiddo grow, and I cannot wait for us to return again next year. 


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