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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Am I Raising a Techie?

Checking Email Before Work
checking email before work
H is a techie, and it's not hard to believe that we have a lot of gadgets at home. We have at least 5 laptops, one desktop computer, an iPad, way too many cameras to count (8 film cameras alone), and so much more. Little E has been surrounded by it all, and it's no surprise that he is just like H. He wakes up in the morning and searches for a computing device. He'll look in the nook next to my side of the bed for the iPad, search for charging cables in hopes of finding a phone, look under the bed for a laptop, and run over to the computer and sit down waiting for his favorite song to play. His world already revolves around technology, and I wonder how this will affect him in the long run. Will he be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Or will he just be tech obsessed and not in tune with the real world? Luckily he loves books just as much as technology, and you can often find him reading in the corner of his play room. Time will only tell how technology will influence his future.

Want to know something crazy about my kid? He knows how to swipe over to unlock the phone/tablet. He swipes between screens and find his favorite apps. He knows to use a certain app to play his favorite song on my phone and to use a different app on H's phone. It's scary how much he picks up just from watching us.

Friday, October 19, 2012


I love Instagram and have been using it for the past year. After seeing Instagram pictures on my Twitter feed, I was excited to see what the hype was all about. Within a few days I was hooked. I love the ability to share photos and see people get really creative. Of course I was using the iPad at the time with no real way to take pictures and upload them to Instagram. I did it the ghetto way by downloading pictures I had already uploaded on Flickr and applying filters on them. Fast forward to September and H surprises me with a phone upgrade, my first in the last 5 years. Instagram is even better now, and I love taking pictures with my new phone. 

Instagram Collage Instagram Collage

As you can see, Little E is my usual subject. He recently learned how to smile, and it is so adorable. Part of me wants to never correct him and let him smile like that forver. Hehe. If you would like to follow me my username is 'yinthinks' (like you couldn't have already guessed by now).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little E & The Potty

Yesterday while I was cooking dinner, Little E approaches me and says, "diaper" as he grabs his diaper between his legs. I always get excited when he tells me that he needs to be changed because he is able to communicate his needs. I turn off the stove and motion for us to go up the stairs to his room. He decides to go the other direction and scoots down to the family room. I figured he got side tracked and wanted to play with his Lego pieces. Instead he opens the bathroom door and points to his potty seat.

wearing big boy underwear around the house

Let me back track. In the beginning of August I attempted to potty train Little E who was only 15.5 months at the time. I took advantage of the summer heat and stripped him down to just his big boy underwear and stayed indoors for an entire week. In a single day he would pee through 8+ pairs of underwear. I spent a lot of time cleaning up messes on the floor and carpet. It was not fun. Little E didn't like it either because he hated potty time and would cause a huge fit. Potty training was a failure, but he did #2 on the big boy potty twice.

Time to Read
reading a book and hopefully holding his urge to pee on the rug

Okay now I can continue. I take off his diaper and pants and plop him on the potty. He sits there and doesn't fight like usual. Odd. About 30 seconds go by and I hear the sound of pee hitting the toilet water. Wooooohooo! I was beyond excited, and I cheered Little E the entire time. He was so proud of himself, and I was too. I wiped him down with some toilet paper and put it in the potty. I flushed and together we watched the water go down. He was rewarded with some gummy snacks, which he hasn't had since August when we first attempted to potty train. He was thrilled.

Eating Bread
eating and enjoying being almost naked

I am beyond proud of my little boy. I hope he continues, but I won't push him either. I know that he fears going on the potty, and I will let him lead the way. He just started talking about 2 weeks ago and increased his vocabulary tremendously (20+ words). I'll let him figure out his bodily functions and form new words to better communicate his needs. I may try potty training again in a few more months but will slowly ease into it.

Playing with Beans
playing with beans and inspecting the shovel

*Unfortunately no pictures were taken of the special moment yesterday. I was too excited and shocked.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adventure at Milburn Orchard

Every year we go to Milburn Orchard to pick pumpkins and get excited for Halloween. This was Little E's third time (including when I was pregnant with him the first year). I love our little tradition and hope to keep this up every year. Looking back on last year's pictures, it's amazing how much he has grown. While I am sad that he is no longer a baby, it makes me happy to see him running around and really being able to enjoy the activities.

Riding on the Wooden Bus
riding in the wooden school bus

Ghost & Frankenstein
Little E as a ghost and Frankenstein

Fun at Milburn Orchard
Fun at Milburn Orchard
Little E touches the animals

Rooster at Milburn Orchard
rooster on the loose

Fun at Milburn Orchard
be careful! they bite!

Fun at Milburn Orchard

Fun at Milburn Orchard
such a cute kid wearing his 6-12 month vest

Inflatable Animals Are More Fun
he loved playing with the inflatable animals & enjoyed pushing them over


Fun at Milburn Orchard
having fun in the bail trail

Fun at Milburn Orchard
getting excited to run around and touch pumpkins

Fun at Milburn Orchard
hmm.. this might be a good one

Fun at Milburn Orchard
entering the pumpkin house

Why Won't You Pick Me Up? 
he may have fallen down & we may have snapped pictures of him instead of helping him get back up...

5.5 Months v. 17.5 Months
my baby is all grown up - 5.5 months (left) and 17.5 months (right)

5.5 Months v. 17.5 Months
5.5 months (left) and 17.5 months (right)

Milburn is only a couple of minutes away from our house, which makes it super convenient and easy for us to visit before lunch and nap time. Little E was exhausted from running around and quickly zonked out as soon as we started our short drive home. We opted to skip out on buying pumpkins there since we always empty our wallets. It's too expensive! Instead we went to Trader Joe's later that day and bought pumpkins for $3.99 each. E was so happy to bring them home with us after our pumpkin adventure earlier in the day. He could care less where we bought them from. I love seeing my little kiddo grow, and I cannot wait for us to return again next year. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall is Here!

It's starting to feel like Fall with the dip in temperatures lately. I love this transitional time of the year when I can sip on apple cider and eat everything pumpkin. It's also fun to watch Little E grow and experience fun things like going to the orchard to pick pumpkins and throwing leaves up in the air. Here is a sneak peak of our adventures at Milburn Orchard this past week:

Surrounded by Pumpkins

More recaps to come soon!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Geeky Little E

I just had to share these cute pictures of Little E wearing glasses that are a tad too big for his small face. E loves to take off H's glasses and tries to put them on himself. He wants to be a tiny version of his parents. Hehe.

Big Nerdy Glasses on Elliot
many faces of Little E wearing a nerdy pair of glasses

Thursday, October 4, 2012

What Happened to "Yin Thinks?"

It's easy to post pictures and blog about the latest family adventure. It's not so easy to talk about feelings and what "Yin Thinks." It has been months since I last really let it out, and I don't know when I will be ready to write normal posts again. I do know that I miss this outlet. I have limited interactions with people other than H, Little E and the cashiers at the grocery store. Some days I wish I had more friends, simply so that I can have someone to talk to about my day. Of course I tell H everything, but I wish I could talk to at least one other person.

I've always been a loner, and that's kind of how I met H. We were both people who weren't so great at making friends and decided that we should join forces to be more social. Yeah that didn't work. We ended up creating our own little bubble and being loners together. So it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm still a loner today. At least we have each other.

All Smiles in the Fall
being loners together doesn't seem so bad when it's with my soul mate

At least I have my little guy. He brings such joy to my life, and I wouldn't trade him for all the friends in the world. 

love him more and more every single day

While I may not come out of my shell and meet new people on the street, I will at least make the effort to blog. It's a little outlet for me to "talk" and feel more included in a bigger Internet world than the small world under my roof.