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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Revisiting Old Toys

Testing Out the Jumper

I'm horrible at putting away Little E's old toys and baby stuff, always finding excuses to let it stick around just a little longer. I'm in denial that he is growing up. Not too long ago he found his old doorway jumper, and I decided to let him take it out for a spin just one last time. He was a big jumping fan, and he would jump while I pumped in the mornings. Oh the memories.

He is a bit tall on the highest setting but still fits. He jumped around for a little and spun around. It didn't take long before he got tired of this contraption. He happily walked away but enjoyed his short time in the jumper. I wonder if he remembers jumping in it when he was a tiny baby.

   Testing Out the Jumper Testing Out the Jumper


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