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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nikon FE2 - 4th Roll

As you can tell, H has been using his camera pretty often. The Holga and Yashica has been collecting dust over the past couple of months. I am too scared to use my Holga because it uses more expensive film with only 12 frames. It is so pricey to get it processed and developed. I am a total amateur and so afraid of messing up. The price of film plus prints is $15+ for only 12 pictures (if I'm lucky and don't screw up). The results from my 35mm Holga were not so great. Okay it was horrible, and I'm not even going to post them on here. Film isn't my area of expertise, and I'll leave it to H to work his magic.

Another Photo of Elliot at Bfast/Lunch/Dinner 
blurry photo but check out his hair... it is crazy!!

Another Photo of Elliot at Bfast/Lunch/Dinner 
we love the ZoLi Bot cup in this house & cannot get enough -- thank you Citrus Lane for sending it to us!

Daddy is Home!! 
at the door to greet H 

Let's Push the Button! 
early morning thermostat action

Rest Kid on Thigh & Accomplish Something 
this is my awkward "sit down on my lap while I prep food" position

Mommy & Elliot Make Dinner 
E loves to watch me cook & he also loves to cook with his own spoon and bowl in his kitchen

Time For Me to Eat 
late night munchie -- Trader Joe's Kimchi Fried Rice

Holding Hands & Walking 
practicing walking outside with E

In the Backyard 
we don't go in the backyard that often

Holding My Kiddo 
instead we go out to the field next to the pool down the street from our house

I Want Down, Mommy 
it's a quick walk and E gets to roam around with no boundaries

Walking With Mommy 
E was still practicing how to walk at this point

Walking With Mommy 
still needed to hold my hand -- or am I the one who needs to hold his hand b/c I'm too scared of him falling?

Walking Around With My Lens Cap 
best way to distract & take photos of this kid -- give him the lens cap

Inspecting Lens Cap 
and let the photo session begin!

Yay I'm Outside! 
I love how this series of photos turned out.  I think it's the higher quality film & outside natural light.

Hands Up!
my chunky monkey

Put Your Hands Up in the Air
reaching for the sky!

Playing With My Shoes
playing with his shoes

Smile, Elliot!
fling hand & look up at the sky

Look to the Right
look to the right

and throwing his hands up in the air again

Patiently Waiting, Playing with Lens Cap
inspecting lens cap

Sitting for Photo 
looking at the camera

Walking on the Sidewalk 
walking back home and ready for bedtime

looking like a crazy tourist with camera, water bottle, sweat shirt, book bag, lunch bag, and much much more

Eating Outdoor 
I don't like having my picture taken...

Time to Eat 
we brought Elliot to Panera to eat outside & he was pretty well behaved

Another Photo of Elliot at Bfast/Lunch/Dinner 
again.. another photo of Elliot eating & watching

Mmm... Birthday Brownies 
looking at his birthday brownies

Getting Ready for Birthday Brownies 
and totally getting excited for the sugar rush to come

Cutting Into Birthday Brownies 
slicing up the brownies for the birthday boy

Getting Excited for His Birthday Dessert
being cute & getting his tummy ready for a yummy treat

These photos were taken back in April, and E has changed so much since then. He grows up so fast. I'm glad that we can document some of his life in photos or else we might forget how life was just a few months ago. One more roll of film down... many more to come. 


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