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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nikon FE2 - 3rd Roll

It's that time again... to back track and post some more pictures from H's camera. This is the 3rd set of film from the Nikon FE2. Seems like this roll has way too many pictures of me and the kid. Maybe I should read the manual to my Nikon FG (yes, another film camera) and take some pictures of H for a change.

Playing with Wrapping Paper 
playing with the roll of wrapping paper and attempting to eat it

I need new glasses...

Jotting Down Grocery List 
busy writing a grocery list

Hubby Wubby
my awful camera skills makes H very blurry

Posing in Front of Mitsuwa 
finally a day off & we're at Mitsuwa!!

Eating Sushi -- Yum! 
eating sushi -- my favorite!  too bad I still had dietary restrictions

Oh So Many Choices 
searching for some yummy food

Yummy Goods from Mitsuwa 
armed with good eats

Looking Out the Window 
looking out the window to avoid the camera lens

Playing with Grass
E playing with the grass outside

Outside Enjoying the Weather 
testing out his walking skills -- still a little shaky

Outside with Mommy 
mommy & son

Elliot Tries to Break Free 
okay this is what most pictures look like -- E squirming to get away

Breakfast Routine 
we have way too many pictures of the kid watching Sesame Street

Playing with Washi Tape 
playing/stealing my washi tape

Watching TV
looking up at the screen

Sitting on a Tiny Bench 
E's first trip to the Creamery

Eating Mango Sorbet
first taste of mango sorbet

Walking with Mommy
walking in the grass and holding my hand

Practicing Walking on Grass
he loved walking around that day

Smile for the Camera
taking a walking break for a photo opportunity -- he has other things on his mind...

Mommy, Can I Have More?
"Mommy, can I have more sorbet?"

Eating Mango Sorbet
Mmm.. yummy

All Smiles
blurry but very cute E

Shopping at Target
going to Target and finding a toy for the shopping cart

Eating at the Mall
ready to eat with his new Elmo table mat

The Look
giving H the look -- aka put that camera away

Yay for pictures!  There are more rolls to come...

P.S. We get our film processed and developed at Costco because they are super affordable. After this roll we started to get DVDs of the images as well, which look a lot better than scanning the print. 


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