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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flashback: Cousin Bonding

It's been a while since I blogged regularly. To make up for lost time, let's have a few flashback posts and revisit the past a bit. Back in January, we went to visit my sister and spend time with my side of the family. E has a cousin who is only 4 months younger, and it's always interesting to see them together. I can see them both playing with each other (or causing baby trouble) in the near future.

I am one of 5 girls in my family, and it is easiest to refer to my sisters by birth order.  I am #4.  If you don't know my family history, there is a 9 to 13 year age difference between my sisters and me.  9 years older and 9 years younger.  E is the first grandchild, followed closely by Cousin L.  There will also be another cousin due to arrive this September.  We're very excited!  Although my sisters and I are not exactly close in age, it's nice that our kids will be less than 2 years apart.

Picture 601
#3, Cousin L, E, and H

#2 (she is pregnant & due in September) with Cousin L 

Picture 602
E and H look on

look at those cute little baby hands

E watching his cousin and smiling

Cousin L loves her banana toothbrush!  E has a shark toothbrush.

E is a simple kid who likes camera lens caps and water bottles...

cruising around

on the prowl... must find cousin

Cousins Interacting... Sort Of
cousins interacting...

Playing with Mortimer
and E goes off (to avoid hitting Cousin L) 

his eyes are so big... kind of scary

Both kids have grown up so much in the last 5 months. They look so different now and much more active. How will we control them when they're older? Eeks! I can't wait to see how they get along when they're older. Maybe best buds? Maybe they'll be grossed out by each other's cooties. We'll just have to wait and see.


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