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Friday, June 15, 2012

Editing Some Old Photos...

Blogging isn't the only thing that I've been slacking on as of late. I have photos from last May that I have yet to edit. May!! Here are a few that I decided to edit today...

1st Family Photo
5/29/11 - our very first family photo celebrating E's 30 days of living (he was 40 days old)

Feeding Time
feeding E a bottle of formula.. or was it breast milk?

Feeding Time
he was sooooo small back then

Tiny Elliot 
2 weeks old and super tiny

Chillin' & Watching a Movie with Daddy 
watching a movie together with a mum hanging out of E's mouth

Mommy & Elliot 
attempt at taking a picture of the two of us... better than most attempts

Sitting in Booster Seat 
sitting in his booster seat for lunch... more like me attempting to feed him

Being Silly 
being uber cute while we take a break at Target

Chewing on a Lens Cap 
crawling and chewing on the camera lens cap

Chewing Like It's My Job
testing out the bumbo & chewing on some toys

I sometimes forget how small he used to be, and I miss the early months of his cuteness. Once he started to walk, he became so independent. I miss his rolling and crawling phase. Now compare the pictures above to a current one of him below...

Playing with Storage Container
being silly & playing with the storage container

This is a good reminder for me to go back through the old photos and edit ones that I have neglected all of this time. If I don't edit them, then they will be forgotten, and I certainly don't want to forget those special moments.


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