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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yashica - 1st Roll of Film

Tada! Here is H's first roll of film shot in black and white with his Yashica Mat 124G.

Miata in the Garage 
his car in the garage

Living Room
our super lame unbalanced living room that is always a work in progress

Editing Photos
editing photos & daydreaming about yummy food

Drinking Water
drinking water like it's my job

Christmas Tree
our Christmas tree with lots of presents underneath

Holding Hands
date night at European Bistro

Ready to Eat
Baby E waits for lunch

Feeding Elliot
feeding Baby E one spoonful at a time

In the Closet 
a view inside our disorganized mess of a closet & check out his camera!

the refinery

With both rolls of film developed, we are super excited to keep experimenting with our special cameras. I didn't think I would be the type to ever get into photography, but the appeal is definitely drawing me in. Plus it's an extra bonus to have such a cute subject to work with (yes, that's you Baby E). I'm thinking of getting another toy camera that uses 35mm film. It would give me more freedom to click as many times as I want, and it's cheaper to develop. While I'm dreaming, maybe I'll even add an instant camera to my wish list. :)


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