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Friday, March 30, 2012

Nikon FE2 - 1st Roll

Yet again we have a new camera to add to our growing collection. It's no surprise that my itch for a camera that uses 35 mm film led H to buy one for myself and two more for him. Do we need that many cameras? No. Is my husband forming a new hobby? Yes. We currently have 5 film cameras - 3 toy cameras & 2 nifty oldies.

Let us welcome the Nikon FE2 to the family with a post of some recent pictures:

posing for the camera with his new zolibot cup in hand 

a super posed shot of the hubs and me

taking an evening break at Starbucks

coming into the bathroom to say good morning to H

yes, he knows how to pose for the camera

babies make for very blurry subjects

coming to the door to find out what daddy is doing outside

he looks a little chunky here

omg... I LOVE these bath time photos

this one is especially adorable

and I had to censor his boy parts for this one

We were anxious to process the photos and brought them to Walgreens. Big mistake. It was expensive and the quality wasn't stellar (note the chemical leak in the first 2 photos). Next time we're going to have them developed at Costco. 

Stay tune for more old school film goodness! Hoping to finish up a few rolls and have them processed by next week.


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