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Monday, January 9, 2012

Whiny Baby E


This picture pretty sums up this past week -- a super whiny Baby E. He was in mid whine as I snapped this picture, and he just kept going and going and going. He made the week really unbearable, and it could not go by any slower. Sigh.

The reason? I'm still not sure. He could be teething, which would explain the excessive drooling. If he was so whiny during the day, you would think it would carry on to his sleep schedule at night, right? Nope. Just all whine during the day and peaceful sleeping through the night. Possibly his schedule is still thrown out of whack from the holidays, and the whining has become part of his new phase?  

Of course one moment he could be super happy and laughing. Then the next moment he is in melt down mode, whining away. I just don't get it, and maybe that adds on to my frustration. I wish he could communicate his problems and we could solve this mystery.  

Despite the super whiny week, I still love my little booger. All it takes is one huge squinty eye smile of his to make a bad day turn into a great one.  :)


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