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Thursday, January 5, 2012

So I Quit Facebook...

... and I survived! Okay it's really not a big deal, but one day I just got fed up with Facebook. I quit and haven't looked back. I honestly don't know why I stayed on there for so long or why I wasted so much of my time keeping up to date on my so called "friends." It was an unhealthy addiction, and I needed to realize my problem and eliminate it from my life.

As much as I dislike the social networking site, I can't forget that Facebook played a small part in my relationship with my husband. He "poked" me, and that jump started our friendship. That simple poke from a guy in my Accounting class turned into a relationship and now a family. Crazy.

I know this post doesn't really explain the reasons why I left, but I don't really need to type it all out. I am growing up, and Facebook is now part of my past. So if you are on Facebook and assumed that I deleted you from my friend's list, I did not. I am moving on.


More Than Rubies said...

Woo hoo! I did the same over the holiday. Feels good.

11oo1 said...

i did the same, congrats on survival! :)

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