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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Reason Why I Haven't Written My Birth Story

It's been 8.5 months since Baby E was born, and I have yet to write my birth story. I told myself that I would jot everything down and write it as soon as possible. Well that didn't happen. I found that each time I started to write the entry, I would get upset over the details. I had a pretty bad labor, and it have very little to do with my body and a lot to do with the hospital staff.

When I was pregnant it was easy for me to decide on having a hospital birth. I had no doubt that the professionals would know what they were doing. If I needed medical intervention, the hospital would be there for me. It just seemed like the normal thing to do. Women go to the hospital every single day to give birth. I never considered having a doula or midwife by my side, even though I had heard great things about them through other bloggers.

I knew that complications could arise in labor, and I tried to read up on as much as possible. I just didn't think about labor outside the possible complications. What about the hospital staff?

Here are just a few details that sucked about my labor...

Detail #1: The nurse who evaluated me upon arriving at the hospital wasn't very nice. I told her that I wanted to go through labor naturally, and she scoffed at me. Then she did an internal exam, and I whimpered in pain. She said that there was no way I could have a natural birth if I thought that was painful. By the way, another nurse also gave me an internal exam when I was further along, and it was actually quite pleasant with no pain at all. The previous nurse was just a mean person.

Detail #2: They placed an IV immediately in my arm "just in case." I didn't like that but didn't know any better. I did have an epidural, and I did need the IV after all, but I did not want to be hooked up to the monitor when I was going through labor naturally. I felt like I was confined to the bed, and going to the bathroom was a pain in the butt. It would have taken very little time for them to insert the IV when I needed to have it. Ugh.

Detail #3: After hours of extreme pain, I opted for an epidural (the anesthesiologist was great & everything went well). I didn't know that they would hook me up to the blood pressure monitor for the rest of my labor -- almost 10 hours! Imagine being in the final stage of labor and pushing while having the monitor squeeze your arm. Yeah I needed to stand up for myself and tell them to take the damn monitor off of my arm. They still had me hooked up, even after Baby E was born.  The monitor had squeezed everything out of my arm, and I barely had enough strength to carry my son.

Detail #4: Not a single doctor came to see me while I was in labor (I was admitted at midnight and Baby E was born at 1:43 PM) until the last 30 minutes of pushing. My OB was on vacation, and the on call doctor never came to see me. I had talked to him the night before, and I never heard from him again. Also note that my OB's practice is located at the hospital. I was told that Dr. ABC was going to be my doctor for delivery. Then I was told Dr. XYZ was going to be delivering my baby.  Well neither one of them were there, and I don't even know the name of the doctor who was in the delivery room.

It was bad, and I wish it had gone better. I wish I had voiced my concerns during and even after labor. I did not want to cause any problems, and I kept quiet. Stupid me. I learned a lot from my experience, and I hope to change my birth plan the next time around. I may just forgo the hospital part and give birth at a birth center. Shocking, right? I just don't want to go through the same mess all over again.

Despite the not so great parts of my labor, I did end up meeting the most incredible little baby ever. The moment he was placed on my chest, all of my worries melted away. :)

Holding Precious Elliot


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