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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby E's First Christmas

Even though Christmas was a stressful time for me, it was also extra special because it was Baby E's very first Christmas. Last year he celebrated with us inside the womb...

Pregnancy - Week 22

The tiny little being inside of me at 22 weeks turned into an 8 month old boy this year...

family photo (rare for us) in front of the Christmas tree at my in-law's

We tired our best to incorporate our usual Christmas traditions. H and I considered buying a fake tree this year, but we decided against it. We wanted Baby E to experience everything that we love about Christmas, and having a real tree was essential. He even helped put up the ornaments!  

putting the ornaments on the tree one by one

we're super excited!

On Christmas morning Baby E woke up super early at 5am, and all of us went downstairs to open presents under the tree. Of course he was more interested in a plastic Mr. Potato Head ear than his presents. We kept it low key this year and only bought him a few gifts. I have a feeling we will be spoiling him next year when he is able to understand and enjoy the holiday.

gnawing at his Mr. Potato Head ear

H and Baby E testing out a new toy

While I would have loved to stay home for the rest of the weekend, we had plans to spend it with our families. It may have been a stressful Christmas for us as a whole, but we survived.  It was Baby E's very first Christmas and one that we will never forget.


More Than Rubies said...

Your in-laws' Christmas tree is super ginormous. Holy cow!

Yin said...

@More Than Rubies: I think it's actually bigger, but my FIL leaves out a layer or two.

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