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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby E on Video Chat

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Baby E on January 9th in a video chat with H - 8.5 months

After waking up from his afternoon nap, I brought Baby E over to the laptop for a quick chat with H, and he was such a character. I just want to eat him up. Yum! He could not stop smiling and just being super awesome. Yup, that's my kid. <3

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Reason Why I Haven't Written My Birth Story

It's been 8.5 months since Baby E was born, and I have yet to write my birth story. I told myself that I would jot everything down and write it as soon as possible. Well that didn't happen. I found that each time I started to write the entry, I would get upset over the details. I had a pretty bad labor, and it have very little to do with my body and a lot to do with the hospital staff.

When I was pregnant it was easy for me to decide on having a hospital birth. I had no doubt that the professionals would know what they were doing. If I needed medical intervention, the hospital would be there for me. It just seemed like the normal thing to do. Women go to the hospital every single day to give birth. I never considered having a doula or midwife by my side, even though I had heard great things about them through other bloggers.

I knew that complications could arise in labor, and I tried to read up on as much as possible. I just didn't think about labor outside the possible complications. What about the hospital staff?

Here are just a few details that sucked about my labor...

Detail #1: The nurse who evaluated me upon arriving at the hospital wasn't very nice. I told her that I wanted to go through labor naturally, and she scoffed at me. Then she did an internal exam, and I whimpered in pain. She said that there was no way I could have a natural birth if I thought that was painful. By the way, another nurse also gave me an internal exam when I was further along, and it was actually quite pleasant with no pain at all. The previous nurse was just a mean person.

Detail #2: They placed an IV immediately in my arm "just in case." I didn't like that but didn't know any better. I did have an epidural, and I did need the IV after all, but I did not want to be hooked up to the monitor when I was going through labor naturally. I felt like I was confined to the bed, and going to the bathroom was a pain in the butt. It would have taken very little time for them to insert the IV when I needed to have it. Ugh.

Detail #3: After hours of extreme pain, I opted for an epidural (the anesthesiologist was great & everything went well). I didn't know that they would hook me up to the blood pressure monitor for the rest of my labor -- almost 10 hours! Imagine being in the final stage of labor and pushing while having the monitor squeeze your arm. Yeah I needed to stand up for myself and tell them to take the damn monitor off of my arm. They still had me hooked up, even after Baby E was born.  The monitor had squeezed everything out of my arm, and I barely had enough strength to carry my son.

Detail #4: Not a single doctor came to see me while I was in labor (I was admitted at midnight and Baby E was born at 1:43 PM) until the last 30 minutes of pushing. My OB was on vacation, and the on call doctor never came to see me. I had talked to him the night before, and I never heard from him again. Also note that my OB's practice is located at the hospital. I was told that Dr. ABC was going to be my doctor for delivery. Then I was told Dr. XYZ was going to be delivering my baby.  Well neither one of them were there, and I don't even know the name of the doctor who was in the delivery room.

It was bad, and I wish it had gone better. I wish I had voiced my concerns during and even after labor. I did not want to cause any problems, and I kept quiet. Stupid me. I learned a lot from my experience, and I hope to change my birth plan the next time around. I may just forgo the hospital part and give birth at a birth center. Shocking, right? I just don't want to go through the same mess all over again.

Despite the not so great parts of my labor, I did end up meeting the most incredible little baby ever. The moment he was placed on my chest, all of my worries melted away. :)

Holding Precious Elliot

Monday, January 9, 2012

Video Mondays: Elliot Talks!

Baby E on July 20th - 3 months old

Video Mondays are back! It's hard to believe that our super mobile 8.5 month kiddo used to be that tiny and chubby. I loved his talkative phase, and I really miss it. I watch this video every now and then as a reminder of how much he has grown in the last couple of months. It's hard to believe that he will be celebrating his first birthday very soon. Enjoy the video!

Whiny Baby E


This picture pretty sums up this past week -- a super whiny Baby E. He was in mid whine as I snapped this picture, and he just kept going and going and going. He made the week really unbearable, and it could not go by any slower. Sigh.

The reason? I'm still not sure. He could be teething, which would explain the excessive drooling. If he was so whiny during the day, you would think it would carry on to his sleep schedule at night, right? Nope. Just all whine during the day and peaceful sleeping through the night. Possibly his schedule is still thrown out of whack from the holidays, and the whining has become part of his new phase?  

Of course one moment he could be super happy and laughing. Then the next moment he is in melt down mode, whining away. I just don't get it, and maybe that adds on to my frustration. I wish he could communicate his problems and we could solve this mystery.  

Despite the super whiny week, I still love my little booger. All it takes is one huge squinty eye smile of his to make a bad day turn into a great one.  :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

So I Quit Facebook...

... and I survived! Okay it's really not a big deal, but one day I just got fed up with Facebook. I quit and haven't looked back. I honestly don't know why I stayed on there for so long or why I wasted so much of my time keeping up to date on my so called "friends." It was an unhealthy addiction, and I needed to realize my problem and eliminate it from my life.

As much as I dislike the social networking site, I can't forget that Facebook played a small part in my relationship with my husband. He "poked" me, and that jump started our friendship. That simple poke from a guy in my Accounting class turned into a relationship and now a family. Crazy.

I know this post doesn't really explain the reasons why I left, but I don't really need to type it all out. I am growing up, and Facebook is now part of my past. So if you are on Facebook and assumed that I deleted you from my friend's list, I did not. I am moving on.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby E's First Christmas

Even though Christmas was a stressful time for me, it was also extra special because it was Baby E's very first Christmas. Last year he celebrated with us inside the womb...

Pregnancy - Week 22

The tiny little being inside of me at 22 weeks turned into an 8 month old boy this year...

family photo (rare for us) in front of the Christmas tree at my in-law's

We tired our best to incorporate our usual Christmas traditions. H and I considered buying a fake tree this year, but we decided against it. We wanted Baby E to experience everything that we love about Christmas, and having a real tree was essential. He even helped put up the ornaments!  

putting the ornaments on the tree one by one

we're super excited!

On Christmas morning Baby E woke up super early at 5am, and all of us went downstairs to open presents under the tree. Of course he was more interested in a plastic Mr. Potato Head ear than his presents. We kept it low key this year and only bought him a few gifts. I have a feeling we will be spoiling him next year when he is able to understand and enjoy the holiday.

gnawing at his Mr. Potato Head ear

H and Baby E testing out a new toy

While I would have loved to stay home for the rest of the weekend, we had plans to spend it with our families. It may have been a stressful Christmas for us as a whole, but we survived.  It was Baby E's very first Christmas and one that we will never forget.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stressful Holiday

My picture perfect Christmas would have been spent with my little family in our comfy home, lazily enjoying the day. Of course that didn't happen, and I wish I could go back in time and change it all. My poor little guy suffered so much, and he had such a difficult time being taken out of his element. He prefers to spend time with smaller groups of people, and a house full of 26 (plus 2 dogs) was a bit overwhelming. He was the center of attention, and it was too much for him to handle. By Monday my kiddo was tired and yearned to spend some quality time at home. Unfortunately we had one more family obligation to spend with my side, and he was a whining mess. I don't blame him one bit, and I wish I could have swooped him away from it all to go back home.


Not only was the holidays difficult for my little one, but it was also super stressful for the parents -- H and me. Leaving the house for the entire day for 3 days in a row is a lot of work. It would take us forever just to pack up and leave the house. Then by the end of the day we would pack everything up again to bring back home. Even with the two of us working together, it was not easy. In addition to trekking back and forth, we had to dodge so many questions and face criticism from family members. By the end of the day I felt like I was a horrible parents, constantly being judged. Oye.

I am very glad that it is over... until next time (Chinese New Years). Family get togethers will always be stressful from now on, and we just have to better mentally prepare. I just hope that it gets easier for Baby E as he gets older. Hoping that you had a less stressful holiday full of laughter and cheer spent with family and friends. Next time can I join you? We can trade places. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Since I didn't get a chance to review the past year in December, I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year and reflect on the last 365 days of 2011. I have had the most challenging and rewarding year of my life, and I am looking forward to what the new year will bring to my little family.

This past year...

I was pregnant with our little ninja :)

Ultrasound: 30 Weeks 6 Days 
ultrasound 2/23 -- 30 weeks, 6 days

Pregnancy - Week 34
34 weeks pregnant

and preparing for the arrival of our little one

In Progress: Baby Ninja's Nursery
prepping the nursery

Baby Shower - Group Photo
celebrating with wonderful family & friends at the baby shower

Then our little ninja came into this world as Baby E....

Baby Ninja
my precious Baby E --- so perfect

We grew from a family of 2 to a family of 3

Holding Precious Elliot 
can't keep my eyes off of him

Daddy Bonding Time
father & son bonding

and boy was taking care of a newborn a challenge

Bath Time 
H giving our tiny baby a bath

Feeding Elliot
feeding Baby E

and a great adventure

Garage Sale with Elliot 
going for a walk around the neighborhood with Baby E in the ergo - his very 1st garage sale

Mommy & Elliot -- 1st Newark Nite Together
our first official outing at Newark Nite

Baby Elliot's 1st Miata
ready for his first driving experience

Growing Boy!
Baby E eagerly awaiting an adventurous car ride

our first family beach trip

each day is a new day filled with laughter and joy

Jumperoo with Mommy 
having the best time in his jumperoo

so happy to be spending time with us

Being Such a Ham
being such a ham -- love him!

and he is growing at an alarming rate right before our eyes

Bringing Home the Dough 
filling out his car seat...

and looking like a cute little buddha 

Eating & Watching
chewing and eating solid foods

Crawling Prep
and even beginning to crawl like a pro

he loves to walk/run around and show off his two bottom teeth

and he absolutely loves to pull himself up

Yup this past year has been simply the best, and I know that 2012 will be even better. There will be new adventures awaiting us, and I can already tell that we will have a blast.  :)