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Monday, December 5, 2011

Video Mondays: Bumbo Time

Baby E had a lot of Bumbo time in the early months. He was born with practically no neck strength whatsoever (poor kiddo), but he did make progress with tummy time. Unfortunately his head got a tad too heavy for his small body, and he could no longer hold up his head during tummy time. It was a miracle when he started rolling over. We had no idea he could even hold up his head. It must be all the premature Bumbo time. :) Now at 7 months old, he is not a fan of sitting still. His Bumbo has been demoted as snack holder.  

Bumbo -- Not a Happy Camper
Baby E on May 24th - one month old
Elliot the Skeleton
Baby E on June 14th - almost 2 months old

Baby E on July 9th - 2.5 months old


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