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Friday, December 16, 2011

My LO is Growing Up

Yesterday I slept in a little later than usual. Baby E normally wakes up at 6am, but he wanted to be an early riser at 5. I decided to let him cry it out a bit before coming to the rescue. We both slept in until 8, and this is what I saw when I opened his door...


How in the... where did he learn that? Most of his developments usually happen over night. Maybe he dreams about the movements necessary to accomplish such a feat.


Moments later he falls down and hits his chin on the crib. I go into panic mode and swoop him out of the crib and onto the changing pad. Mommy brain decided to save him and change his smelly poo diaper all at the same time. I had some chest pains from going into panic mode, but it went away soon after.

Like all new developments in Baby E's life, he just doesn't stop when he learns something new. As soon as he would go in his crib, he immediately reached for the top to pull himself up. He would fall down and do it all over again. Crazy kid!!

Here's a play by play...






Of course putting him down for his first nap was nearly impossible. He kept pulling himself up, and I was scared for his life. Sleeping was the last thing he wanted to do. This new found mobility was just too much fun. Oye. Luckily he did get a tad drunk from his bottle of milk and eventually passed out.

This is a true sign that he is growing up way too fast. H had to lower his crib, and it just doesn't feel the same anymore. Our little one is going to be a toddler before we know it. I can't believe that he will be 8 months old in a few days. Crazy!!

Here are more pictures for your viewing pleasure...






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