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Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby E Meets Santa... 2x!

Will my 8 month old remember his first meeting with Santa? Probably not. At least he can relive it through the pictures that his parents took on that special day at the mall back in December of 2011. :)

Honestly I didn't even think about bringing Baby E to see Santa. It was H's idea, and he wanted to start the tradition right away. I'm glad that we did because it was a great family experience. We went to our local mall on a Monday afternoon to avoid the crowds and get some more one on one time with the big fella.


We invited my FIL to come join us on our adventure, and he was happy to spend some quality time with his grandson.  


We only have 4 family pictures of us, and now this makes 5. Baby E had no clue what we were doing or why we were waiting in line. He was in for a nice surprise. I tried to get him excited a few days earlier and made a pit stop to check out Santa's sweet spot at the mall. He looked in the opposite direction.  


Here is the big jolly guy, and he sure was a nice one. His beard is all real, and I was might impressed. Now here is where we take a break from our family camera and go straight to the not so lovely one taken by the "professional" Santa's helpers. Ours decided to take a break from all the clicking, and sadly the photos did not save to the memory card.


Hehe. Baby E looks funny in this picture, but that's the only one we could get of him looking directly in the camera. He spent a majority of the time looking up at Santa. He was very well behaved but started to whine towards the end. I was kind of sad that we couldn't capture the typical crying baby on Santa's lap photo.


Since we didn't get to capture the special moment on our camera, we decided to go back to see Santa for round number 2! Santa provides free hugs, free smiles, and free wishes with no requirement of purchasing photos. I didn't feel so bad bringing Baby E to see the jolly old man again. There was no one behind us in line, and Santa was very friendly. He even looked directly at our camera! Here's the play by play...






So there you have it! Hoping that next year will be just as successful. We'll add these photos in our album of embarrassing photos to show him in the future.  :)


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