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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Baby Info: Curled Up Poo

Yes, I take pictures of my baby's poo...

Fun Baby Info #2: 
Curled up poo.  Doesn't that make for an interesting title?  Baby E is a super pooper, but he has had some bumps in the pooing road.  At first, pooing came completely natural to him.  He had more dirty diapers than wet diapers when he was first born. Then he reached a point where pooing became more difficult, and he wasn't sure how to deal with it.  He tried to chug milk in hopes of having poo come out at the other end. Sometimes it worked, but most of the times he would be extremely frustrated.  I felt bad for the little dude.  Then one day I noticed he would curl up in almost a fetal position.  Weird.  He would throw his body forward and stay curled up for a while. There would be some grunting involved, followed by a nice, loud fart.  That's my boy!


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