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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cloth Diapering Adventure Begins!!

We have officially switched over to cloth diapers!  It's a pretty exciting new change for us, and we have adjusted quite well.  It has almost been 2 weeks since Baby E has been wrapped up in cloth diapers, and I'm regretting the fact that we didn't switch sooner. It was so scary at first, and I was afraid that I wouldn't like the cloth over the ease of disposable diapers.  Well I absolutely love the cloth diapers!

Baby E being cute and surrounded by his cloth diapers

The Good:
  • healthier looking bum
  • not adding too many more disposable diapers in the landfills
  • gives him a nice booty
  • $$ savings
The Not that Bad:
  • Baby E is very bothered by a wet diaper (which is actually a good & will help him with potty training in the future)
  • being very up close and personal with his poo
  • washing diapers everyday (also not that bad b/c it is easier than doing a load of normal laundry for me)
The Bad:
  • we have a ton of gifted disposable diapers that are sitting around our house with no purpose 
Yay for cloth diapers!  I think Baby E loves them as much as I do.  Hehe.


lilzbear said...

Cute baby! And cute blog! Good luck with the cloth diapers (we love them!) and good luck with the exclusive pumping (it's hard, but hang in there!)

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