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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Internet is Back!

I went without Internet access from Saturday night through Tuesday morning.  Oh no!  Actually it wasn't that bad.  I thought it would be much worse because I rely on the Internet to maintain my sanity.  It's there with me during Baby E's night time feedings.  It's my pumping companion, reducing the stress of constantly checking out how much milk I've pumped.  During the few moments of quiet time, I turn to the Internet to wind down.  So when the storm killed our modem, I was a bit sad.  H could have made a trip to the nearest electronic store to purchase a new modem, but that's not how he swings.  He likes to buy online, and that means I have to be patient.

Thank you Amazon Prime for saving the day!  The modem came in on Tuesday, and I was quick to hook that baby up.  I didn't even read the instructions and went straight to the source.  Since the new modem is an updated version of the old, I just went ahead and plugged everything in using the old stuff.  Hmm... it didn't power on.  My super duper problem solving abilities determined that the charger was dead.  Our old modem was perfectly fine.  Woot!  Now I can go ahead and save about $90 and return the new modem.

Yay for having Internet again!  Is it odd how addicted to Internet our society has become in the last 10 years?  I remember the days of AOL dial up, which I could only use during off hours when the restaurant was closed.  I used to sneak in a few minutes at night when my parents weren't looking.  I eventually advanced to DSL during my college years.  Without the Internet, my relationship with H would be so different. Would he have tried to "poke" me in real life instead of on Facebook?  Haha.  

Then I think back on the social networking of yesteryear.  Everyone was on AIM or MSN Messenger.  I would have multiple chats up on the screen with the occasional chat room amongst friends.  My main purpose for surfing the Internet was to be connected to AIM.  As I got older, I distanced myself from instant messaging.  I no longer connected with friends through chat online.  Instead it has been replaced with Facebook and Twitter.  It feels less personal, but at the same time I learn so much more through the news feed.  No worries.  I stay in contact with my friends in real life, and I don't depend on the Internet as my only source to contact them. 

So this entry went from my lack of Internet for a few days to going back in the past. My thoughts are so scattered these days.  My lack of sleep must be getting to me.  Oye.

Yeah.. I'm back!


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